You will need
  • The cable corresponding to the "Pinout", phone plug, device driver, firmware program.
Purchase or download from the developer's site the software flashing for your mobile phone. You can use FlashTool or Spiderman 2.61 GB .
USB connecting cable with the emulator COM port connect computer and mobile phone. When enabled, the computer will detect a new unrecognized device, which opens the wizard for installing new hardware. Specify the full path to the appropriate device driver. In device Manager select the com port number in the Properties tab, set the desired speed.
Run the program FlashTool and configure it. Go to the Download Agent, then select the processor type of your mobile phone. Next, log on to Options in paragraph Baudrate specify the speed of the connecting cable, which is completely dependent on his chip.
In paragraph COM Port, select the port number where the connecting cable is connected, and Operation Method – select the NFB. Click the Read back button and Add. Then save the firmware file.
In the window that appears in the last field, enter the value 0х04000000 for flash 64 MB and 0х08000000 for flash 128 MB. Before downloading connecting file tab, select Read Page Only. This will allow the file to bin format to open the program FFME or MTK-RES V1.3.
Turn off the phone. On the Action menu log in to Read back. Turn on phone, wait until the moving lanes. Their blue color means that the flashing is in full swing.