Advice 1: How to increase performance RAM

RAM directly affects the performance of this equipment. When selecting items RAM decided to pay attention to the amount of their memory. This is not entirely true, because there is one characteristic that is a measure of the speed of the RAM boards.
How to increase performance RAM
You will need
  • - MemTest.
To ensure quick exchange of information between the Central processing unit and memory, you must correctly configure these devices. To check the status of RAM install the program MemTest. It will allow you to restart the computer to complete the performance analysis memory.
Turn on PC and open BIOS menu. This usually requires you to press the Delete key. Go to the menu to configure the CPU model and RAM. Increase the bus frequency at 40-70 MHz. Save the changes by pressing F10. After the computer restarts, run MemTest and check the performance of RAM.
Repeat this cycle until, until the program detects failures in the RAM. Undo the last change to eliminate the possibility of errors. Again open the BIOS menu and find indicators of timings of RAM. Reduce by one point one of the indicators. Usually there are only four. Save the settings and restart the computer.
Again run MemTest. Alternately decrease the RAM timings, each time testing the stability of this device. Do not change only one indicator. This can lead to equipment damage. Note that even rare errors occurring in the process of working memory, significantly reduce the performance of computer and operating system.
Remember that motherboard RAM is cheap enough elements of the personal computer. Sometimes it makes sense to purchase one or more new circuit boards and connect them to the motherboard. This approach will significantly increase the performance of these devices and the whole computer in General.

Advice 2: How to increase RAM on computer

To increase the amount of RAM on the PC will be able a normal user, however if you will be aware of some subtleties.
How to increase RAM on computer independently

Why you may need to increase the amount of RAM on the computer?

Unfortunately, many developers of operating systems and software (programs and games), absolutely not thinking about optimization, don't remember that many users can not constantly buy the most modern hardware, so their creations can "slow down". To partially solve this problem, you may need to increase the amount of RAM on the computer.

How to buy the right bar of RAM?

When you purchase straps of RAM should be remembered that different types of RAM are not for the each motherboard. To choose the right bar for the memory, it is necessary in the documentation to see the exact model name of the installed motherboard. View the description of this motherboard model on the manufacturer's website, which should state what type of memory suitable for work, as well as the maximum amount of memory that can "see" the motherboard. Also from the description you can see the number of slots to install RAM.

Determine the available computer RAM. To do this, turn on the computer, click on the icon "My computer", right-click, then select "Properties", tab "General" and you can find the total amount of installed RAM.

From the data your task is to calculate the amount of planks that you will acquire (if at least one slot for RAM on your motherboard free, then you just have to subtract from the maximum possible amount of RAM amount of RAM installed, otherwise it will be necessary to pull one of the straps, smaller volume, and in its place set a new benchmark, the volume of which is also calculated).

After buying new memory modules, remove the housing cover (depending on the model it can be removed entirely or have the option to remove just the cover on the side). Look closely at the installed available strap (strap) of memory. In parallel, they place a new bar and insert it in a free slot. Strap memory must enter into the connector tightly to not have been visible contacts and must work the latch, which additionally keeps the bar in the connector.

The diagram below shows an example of changing memory modules DDR2, but it is not necessary that you will also have this type of memory, but the appearance of the connectors under the RAM and the memory modules are similar and you should also consider the location of the notches in the circuit boards.

Как увеличить объем оперативной памяти на компьютере самостоятельноIf done correctly, the above tab will display more memory than before.

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