You will need
  • - MemTest.
To ensure quick exchange of information between the Central processing unit and memory, you must correctly configure these devices. To check the status of RAM install the program MemTest. It will allow you to restart the computer to complete the performance analysis memory.
Turn on PC and open BIOS menu. This usually requires you to press the Delete key. Go to the menu to configure the CPU model and RAM. Increase the bus frequency at 40-70 MHz. Save the changes by pressing F10. After the computer restarts, run MemTest and check the performance of RAM.
Repeat this cycle until, until the program detects failures in the RAM. Undo the last change to eliminate the possibility of errors. Again open the BIOS menu and find indicators of timings of RAM. Reduce by one point one of the indicators. Usually there are only four. Save the settings and restart the computer.
Again run MemTest. Alternately decrease the RAM timings, each time testing the stability of this device. Do not change only one indicator. This can lead to equipment damage. Note that even rare errors occurring in the process of working memory, significantly reduce the performance of computer and operating system.
Remember that motherboard RAM is cheap enough elements of the personal computer. Sometimes it makes sense to purchase one or more new circuit boards and connect them to the motherboard. This approach will significantly increase the performance of these devices and the whole computer in General.