There is a possibility to change the frequency of the operational memory with the help of special programs. This method is the easiest, but it can cause damage to the straps of RAM if you install the incorrect settings. Better discard this option and use the functions menu of the BIOS.
Open this menu by rebooting the computer and pressing the Delete key. Find out in advance, pressing any key allows you to access additional menu options on the BIOS. Usually need to simultaneously press keys F1 and Ctrl, but your motherboard may be other combinations. Open the menu that displays the parameters of the CPU and operative memory.
Find the item responsible for the frequency of bus RAM. Increase this figure to several MHz. It is not necessary for one approach to raise the frequency of the operational memory to prohibitive figures. Better reinsurance and repeat this procedure 3-4 times.
Be sure to raise the voltage supplied to the Board RAM. If this is not done, it can work the security system of the computer or the motherboard simply will not work at maximum capacity. Find four points that show the latency of RAM. Select one of them and lower the rate by one point.
Press the F10 key. It is necessary to save the new settings. After the computer restarts, check the stability of the operational memoryusing the built-in Windows utility. Go back into the BIOS and slightly increase the frequency of operational memory. Change the value of another indicator of delay. Repeat this cycle as long as the program inspection of the RAM will begin to detect errors. Achieve the ideal performance state operational memory. It is recommended to use only those parameters under which the Board of RAM working without a glitch.