You will need
  • - Speccy.
To increase the frequency of operational memory in two ways: change the multiplier or the frequency of the system bus. It is better to use the second option because it provides a smooth performance increase, not sharp spikes, which can cause damage to the device. Install Speccy and run it. Open the menu "memory" and view the frequencywith which the working Board at the moment.
Restart the computer and open the BIOS by pressing the Del key. Click Advanced, and look for FSB/Memory Ratio. It may be named differently in different models of motherboards. Set this item, the Manual option instead of Auto. Now you can set the frequency and multiplier. Follow these steps. Increase the frequency of the bus of operative memory at 20-50 Hz.
Return to the main window of the BIOS menu and select Save & Exit. Press Enter and wait until the computer is restarted. Now check the stability of the operational memory. Open control panel and select "System and security" (Windows Seven). Open the submenu "Administration" and run "Check memory Windows". Confirm restart the computer to check the status of the operational memory.
If testing shows good results, then repeat the entry in the BIOS menu and re-raise frequency operational memory. Follow these cycles as long as the system RAM test indicates no errors. After that, you can try to lower the latency of memory. For that alternately lowers by one point the indicators of the four types of timings. They are usually located in Advanced Settings.
If, during the change of parameters of operation of the RAM failed and the computer stopped booting, remove for some time BOIS-the battery from the system unit. This will allow you to apply the factory settings of the PC.