Advice 1: How to increase RAM

RAM is constantly updating the computer memory, which in contrast to the permanent memory (hard disk) stores commands and data necessary for the processor to execute ongoing operations. RAM PC or laptop is called operational memory (RAM) is a module or chip that is inserted into a special slot on the motherboard.
The appearance of the RAM module
You will need
  • To increase memory virtual method will need the ability to work with a computer, physical way - the new RAM modules from a computer store.
So how can you increase RAM on your computer? Conventionally, there are two ways to increase RAM – virtual and physical.
Virtual way to increase memory is that for its expansion would need to clear the memory from unnecessary processes. To view the level of utilization of the RAM, call the task Manager with CTRL+ALT+DEL and You will see how many megabytes of memory it takes for each running process. The output is clear: if You want to reduce the load on the RAM and thereby increase memory virtual way, disable all visual effects and increase the swap file (system Properties", section "Performance"), remove the Wallpaper from the desktop, as well as "widgets" and unnecessary programs that use the autorun.
A physical way to increase RAM is to install one or more memory modules, or replace a module with a weak to the more powerful and voluminous. Open the system block, you can see on the motherboard, four slots for RAM. Usually it is DDR, DDR II, DDR III, DDR 333, SDRAM, SRAM, PC3200, and others. Through the system BIOS you can check the version of RAM and the frequency (e.g. 1066 MHz). To get this information, call the BIOS when the computer starts, press DEL. Once You have learned the characteristics of the module, You can easily buy a new module of the same volume in a computer store and insert it into a vacant slot or module larger size, replacing the old RAM.
Owners of laptops will have more difficult – if You are not an expert, it is better to seek help in increase the RAM in service.
At the moment the most powerful modules of RAM with 2 gigabytes of memory.
Useful advice
Before you buy additional RAM, make sure the line frequency and the amount of memory the new and old RAM.

Advice 2 : How to increase physical memory computer

Due to the fact that requirements for personal computers is constantly increasing, update devices inside the system unit you have to do it more than once in 2 years. Fortunately, over time, hardware becomes cheaper. This is due to the fact that the IT industry is undergoing constant updates.
How to increase physical memory computer
You will need
  • - software Everest Ultimate Edition;
  • - strips of RAM.
A few years ago it was considered quite normal – increase the virtual memory for the unloading of its virtual counterpart. Today it is more rational to do the upgrade (upgrade) and buy a couple of RAM modules. Every day the price of the product decreases sharply. Now nobody will be surprised by the amount of memory in the 4 Gb, at the moment is as standard.
Before you buy operational memory, you need to determine its type. To do this, you need to use the documentation to your computer. If there is no documentation, surely, there was a price list of prefabricated components of your system unit. If not, one solution is to install special software, which will scan your entire computer with the purpose of definition of its components.
Programs of this kind, there are many, but we should be interested in the program, which, first, a quick download from the Internet, and, secondly,which will give full list of installed devices, their configurations. These two conditions corresponds to only one program – Everest Ultimate Edition (program of small size and with the possibility of drawing up a full report at the end of the scan).
This utility can be downloaded from the official site After downloading the program, start it by double-clicking the left mouse button on the installation file. After starting the program starts scanning the system and after a few seconds (the scanning speed is directly proportional to the performance of your computer), you can examine the configuration of your computer.
To determine the type of memory and the number of slots in which you can install straps, you need to click on "Computer" on the left side of the program window and select "summary information". In the right part of the window go to the "block" System Board" and notice the "System memory" (here specify the total amount of system memory, type and number of occupied slots).
The information received to be recorded and with these data you can go to any computer store. To avoid errors due to which you can pick up the wrong bar of RAM, it is desirable to print the data from the page "summary information".
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