You will need
  • - Riva Tuner.
First test the installed memory modules. In the operating system Windows Seven has a built-in utility for this process. Open control panel and select "System and security". Now open the "administrative tools". Go to menu "Windows memory diagnostic". Now select reboot and test the memory".
Now restart the computer and open the BIOS menu, press Delete. Press Ctrl and F1 to open the advanced options menu work on the computer. Go to the Advanced menu. Now let's examine the data located below the line Memory Frequency. There are four points: Latеncy CAS, RAS Resid dеlay, RАS to CAS Delаy and Active Resid Dеlay.
To reduce the timings need very carefully, each time changing only one parameter at a minimum "unit". Start out the first paragraph of CAS Latency. Usually it is reduced by 0.5. Return to the main menu of the BIOS. Select Save & Exit and press the Enter key. After the computer restarts, repeat the procedure for entering the menu of the RAM testing.
In that case, if the program showed improvement, continue to reduce the timings by changing the value of the next item (RAS Resid dеlay). To avoid constant reboots of the computer during the memory test, use special tools.
Install memtest or Riva Tuner. Using these utilities test the performance and stability of RAM. The latter program, incidentally, has a function of reducing timings. Remember that it is recommended to perform this process is through BIOS, because it will allow you to quickly restore the factory settings of the computer in case of failure.