The device natively supports playing videos in mp4 and m4a. If you want to download movies with extension avi, wmv or mpg on your device, you will need to install additional software media players from the AppStore or iTunes.
Go to the AppStore on your mobile device or iTunes via computer. Find the program media player and install it. To do this, run search by category or enter in the application window, the name of any popular utility. One of the most functional are programs such as Oplayer, iMediaPlayer, AVPlayerHD, VLC. You can choose any program according to the taste that best suits your requirements functionality.
After installing the program, launch the iTunes application on your computer and connect your device. Wait for its definition and go to the "Movies" sidebar. If the panel is missing, use the "View" - "Show sidebar".
Transfer the movie from the folder in the media library. To do this, drag the video file into the program window, holding the left mouse button. If everything is done correctly, at the top of iTunes you will see a progress bar of the copy process.
Go to the menu to operate the device in iTunes using the icon of your device in the upper right corner of the application. In the top bar select "Movies". In the Central part of the window you will see the videos available for download to the device. Click on "Sync movies" and select the movies you want to download to the device. Click "Apply" and wait for the end of the procedure.
If you plan to view video using installed through the AppStore or iTunes player, go to the menu "Programs" on iTunes and in the app list, select the desired player. Drag your movie from the folder to the "Documents" section of the application using drag and drop. Wait for the copy. To view the movie, you can use the selected application open on the device and selecting the copied video.