It should be noted that the standard iPhone player plays only the video formats, MPEG4, MOV and M4V, so downloading it is necessary to prepare films in one of these formats. Movies you can download from any torrent-tracker or to convert existing files using one of the free converters: Movies2iPhone, Free Video to iPhone Converter, WinAvi iPod Video Converter etc.
As soon as the movies in the right format will be ready, you can begin to download them in your iPhone. To do this, connect your iPhone via USB cable to the computer and run iTunes. In the left side of the iTunes window is the menu. Open the "Movies" and drag the prepared file into the program window. The films will be added to the iTunes library on the computer.
Need to upload them to the iPhone. In the left side of the iTunes window, find the section iPhone and drag in his movies. Starts the synchronization process, as you'll read in the appropriate text boxes at the top of the iTunes window and the iPhone display. After synchronization is complete, go to iPod on your phone, select "Video" and start watching.