So there were circumstances that you just need somewhere to attach the turtle. The first thing that comes to mind is to give it to good people. Sit down and think. Perhaps among your friends there are married couples with children who would be happy to receive a gift of a turtle. An additional incentive for your friends is that you give the turtle a terrarium, food and all necessary accessories to care.
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Let's say that couples with children among your friends is not found, or they just can't kill the turtle. In this case, you can help out a lonely old lady, perhaps a neighbor or a relative. An elderly person will be nice to watch and care for the turtle. This can become a real hobby. The turtle makes no noise and does not cause too much trouble. Surely a single person can find a pet and friend in the person of the turtles, whiling away the long evenings in her company.
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Another option in finding a place of residence for turtles can become a kindergarten or other educational institution. Most likely, in your city there is at least one kindergarten with the living area. All children love animals. The turtle is surrounded with attention and care, and how much joy it will bring to the kids. If you give an animal to a government Agency, it can be considered a kind of charity, it will help you to regain composure from the loss of a pet.
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If any of the options for any reasons does not suit you, you have another solution to the problem. It can be considered an emergency, as in this case, you can't be fully confident in the integrity of the future owner of a turtle. So, you can post ads that sell or give away pet. Perhaps it was this option for some would be the most acceptable, because in the case of the sale of the animal can not only attach it, but also to get some financial reward.
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