You can combine business with pleasure, giving the cat to overexposure to the veterinary clinic. Then your pet will not only be supervised, but will the treatment, if in such need. The only disadvantage of this method – need to try very hard to find a vet clinic that provide similar services. In addition, this overexposure will definitely not be free, so you need to be willing to incur large costs which can increase if your cat's got any diseases.
куда пристроить собаку на период отпуска
In large Russian cities there are specialized hotels for animals where you can take the cat and be sure that nothing will happen. If you use this option you will need to sign a contract with the hotel, which includes obligatory insurance of life, furry pet. The cost of keeping cats in these nurseries depends on the status of the hotel and your accommodation. The capital cost of the daily maintenance of the cat can reach up to 20 thousand rubles, in the regions – on average, 100-150 rubles. Before sending the cat in such a hotel need to give him a full medical examination and to vaccinate against various diseases.
приютить кота на время отпуска
If you don't want to give your cat into the wrong hands, it is best to leave it with relatives or friends. Well, if furry pet will know those people who you place it temporarily, so it will be easier to adapt to new conditions. It is desirable that the person with whom you plan to leave the cat to overexposure, there was another pet, because it is fraught with serious conflicts. Especially it is not recommended to introduce one cat to another. Of course, all expenses with respect to the content of your pet you will have to pay, but they with proper care for animals will be much less than the content in the hotel or a veterinary clinic.
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