You will need
  • - mild detergent;
  • water;
  • brush;
  • - a towel.
The skin sheepskin wash when dirty or once a month, but not often. You can wash both by hands and washing machine. During hand washing, use a special liquid mild detergent. Pour into a basin of warm water, add detergent and push the sheep. Wash quite gently. Thoroughly rinse the product in warm water. In any case, do not use washing detergent and enzymes, alkalis and bleaches.
If you decided to wash the sheepskin in the washing machine, select the special mode "Wool". Make sure the water temperature does not exceed 38 degrees. For washing machine use mild detergent, suitable for washing in the machine. Do not use detergents, otherwise you can spoil the skin.
After washing, dry the sheepskin in the usual way. To do this, spread out on a flat surface with a towel and lay on him the garment with the fur up. During the drying sheepskin stretch it several times to its original size and shake a couple of times. In any case, no need to put the skin on the battery to dry or use a Hairdryer. Sheep do not iron, bleach or expose to direct sunlight.
After the skin has dried it should be brushed with a special brush for animals. Store sheepskin preferably in dry, dark and ventilated place. Do not pack it in plastic, so the skin will not breathe and condensation may form, and this can only spoil the product.
To return the sheep to its former whiteness, you can use potato flour. Sprinkle once white fur with potato flour and sprinkle liberally spray a mild solution of soap and household powder. Spread a doughy mass with your hands across the skin and after it dries, clean off with a brush. Dry and lightly villotte thing, then carefully comb and give you the direction you need hair.