If you want to remove dust and dirt with a camel blanket, give it to the dry cleaners. Here sure know how to return the product to its former purity and freshness and do not harm its appearance and properties. If for any reason, dry cleaning is unavailable to you, wash the blanket by hand or on the washing machine. Main – contact with wet product carefully, to choose the optimum temperature and use a gentle detergent.

Hand wash

Fill the bathtub with warm water (up to 30 ° C), gently submerge in her blanket. Expand the item so that it was located in the water free of folds, without any twists and tangles, and leave it to soak. After a few hours, remember the blanket with your hands, then remove the stopper and drain the dirty water. Enter the water again, gently rinse the quilt and drain again. Now that the product got rid of the dust built up inside, it's time to remove the water from it. Carefully press the quilt, gently pressing down on its surface, do not twist or remove it from the bath. Let the water drain out and leave the product for another half hour, then carefully remember it. When you realize that most of the water glass, remove the blanket from the bath and rinse it dry.

Machine washable

If hand wash camel blankets given to you is too hard, use the washing machine. Remember that improper washing can turn the product into an unnecessary ball of fur. To avoid this, before washing, carefully study commodity a label, which indicates what mode it is possible to wash and dry the product, and what detergent to use for washing. Laundry camel blanket best suited mode gentle (delicate) wash. Typically, in this mode, the temperature of the water is heated not more than 30 degrees Celsius. Download the blanket in the drum of the washing machine and close the lid. Fill in a special drawer some washing powder or special detergent for wool fabrics, then click the "Wool" setting and start the wash cycle. This mode will provide a soft and gentle extraction, which is optimally suited for the demanding wool.

Drying blankets

After washing, wet camel blanket should be well dried. This quilt not fold or twist during drying, it is best to dry it flat, on a flat, level surface in a well ventilated area or outside. Valid dry camel blanket on a rope in a warm room, from time to time carefully removing the water from the corners. In the cold season in the room in which the blanket is dried, it is better to install the heater. Battery blanket not hang, otherwise during drying it thoroughly sit. If you properly care for camel blanket, it will last a very long time and will remain soft, cozy and attractive as the first day after purchase.