In stores today presented a huge assortment of different blankets. There is demand for products made of wool (sheep, camel, cashmere). By choosing some specific quilt, each guided by their views and preferences. Some are more concerned with cost, other - appearance. But the main thing which the experience of sleeping under the blanket of one or another material. Generally, shirts are suitable for people who love dry heat and the feeling of the weight of the blanket.

Blanket made of camel wool

Blanket made of camel wool is in itself a unique product as it has positive energy and has on the human body healing effect cures sore joints. As lanolin is animal fat, contained in its hair, contacting with human skin, absorbs toxins and rejuvenates the body. It's all in the characteristics of the environment in which camels live in the desert in the afternoon the weather is hot, night is cold, and the wool of a camel has adapted to these conditions, she keeps cool and warm.
Hair of wool of a camel from the desert has its own characteristics – it is hollow inside and has no scales, so the camel hair is very light.

Camel blanket much lighter than sheep wool, but at the same time, warmer and stronger than him. Collection wool camel's not as often as other animals, and therefore, this material is very expensive. Blanket made of camel wool can't be cheap – this is probably the only negative of this product.

Fleece and a blanket from it

The blanket wool of sheep also has many advantages and it is much cheaper blankets from the wool of the camel. This product is more dense, has more weight, it used comfortably even in cooler weather in the summer, and medicinal properties by the sheep blanket is not less than the camel. So, for example, scientists from England have proved that this quilt helps to improve metabolic function, and thanks to the lanolin, which is impregnated with sheep's wool, it holds air and retains heat.

New Zealand's sheep blanket is used in nursing premature babies, this product helps the baby maintain body temperature, keep warm and keeps baby dry. Well suited blanket from the wool of sheep for people suffering from osteochondrosis, rheumatism and colds.
Care should be taken to use fleece blankets to people who have a tendency to allergies. And of course, it is worth considering that the care of woolen products is quite complicated, it is recommended to use dry cleaning.

The biggest plus to these blankets is that during sleep, they will not only be warm, but will have time to treat your body.