You will need
  • - useful products;
  • - vitamins.
Try to abandon the dry food. They in the majority of cases are the cause of the disease, and the transition from one to the other (called "medical") will not bring the cat good, but only help to adapt to the disease (which, of course, not an option).
нужно начинать кормить кастрированного кота кормом для кастртрованных котов
If you still give a special therapeutic food for cats with urolithiasis, do not mix it with natural products and ensure that water was always freely available.
подготовка к кастрации кота
Don't let the cat food from the table, especially fatty, smoked, salted, sweet, dishes with onion, spices, garlic. Prepare specially for the cat – cook vegetables with meat (60 – 70% meat or minced, 20 to 30% vegetables and 10% grains). Note that not all vegetables are suitable, optimal health can only be described cabbage, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin and green beans.
лечение кошки от застоя мочи
Cook immediately for 2 – 3 days and store food in the fridge. Before giving the cat warm up to room temperature.
как вылечить почки у кошки на поздней стадии
Sometimes feed the cat natural (raw) food: meat (except fat pork), chicken, hearts. From time to time let us the liver. All these products are divide into portions and store in the freezer, defrosting times, each for one serving. Asprivate meat with boiling water and once a month, check the cat for the presence of worms.
утром хожу в туалет дважды
Don't let the cat food with bones (especially raw meat and fish), to avoid internal injuries.
Don't forget to give the cat dairy products – yogurt, cottage cheese. If the cat likes milk and it transfers well from time to time, indulge his saucer of milk.
Urolithiasis completely eliminate from the diet of fish and all seafood (squid, shrimp, etc.).
If the cat does not eat food prepared by you, do not worry. Cats – predators and hunger strike during the day they will only benefit (but not more than two days). Put healthy food at the designated feeding spot and don't listen to outraged cries.
Be sure to give your cat vitamins as a full range of natural food is difficult to obtain. Cats need vitamin A, calcium, amino acids taurine and arginine. Pick up special vitamin complex for cats suffering from kidney stones.