We will discuss the animals ' diet with your doctor. Most vets will recommend to start to feed a cat a balanced prepared food. At home you are unlikely to be able to cook nutritious food, but not overloading the already affected urinary system pet.
как лечить глоумонефрит у кошки
Choice for cats suffering from kidney stone disease depends on the kind of entities-Umalatov (stones). The most common struvite and oxalates. The nature of their occurrence are different, and therefore, prevention will be different. Ask what kinds of stones found in your cat.
липидоз почек у кошек как лечить
Universal "antimuscarinic diet" does not exist, choosing a good food to prevent the formation of struvite, you will damage the cat with a predisposition to the formation of oxalates. In case of doubt, consult your veterinarian.
утром хожу в туалет дважды
Ask your doctor to recommend a certain type of food. Buy it in small packages – it is possible that your cat this brand do not like. Prepare for the fact that the food is expensive enough to care line are only premium brands. Moreover, they will likely have to buy in veterinary pharmacies – regular pet stores and supermarkets therapeutic feeds are not traded.
корм для кота с мочекаменной болезнью
Better to start with wet food in bags and cans – the cats like them more. However, it is to pick up and suitable dry with pellets. When choosing food, be sure to read the annotations on the packaging – it indicates which type of kidney stone disease is the concrete form of pellets or canned food.
выбрать кошачий сухой корм
The rate of feed consumption indicated on the package. Try not to overfeed an animal in his condition it is harmful. Provide the cat with fresh water, change it daily. Don't let the cat food from the table, exclude the purchase of "Goodies" for the animals. To encourage pet use the same medicated feed.
It is not excluded that eating without any problems, once your cat is suddenly refusing to eat. Once skipping meals is not a problem. Offer your pet a different type of feed, replacing, for example, a canned "drying". Or try to pick up the product from another manufacturer. Change brands for the animal safe. Most importantly - choose feed, on packages that are clearly marked with the diagnosis of your animal.
Keep in mind that people with kidney stones disease diet is appointed for life. Even if analysis of your cat has improved, do not put it on a table or feed the economy. The disease may return. According to veterinarians, more than 50% of relapses of urolithic illness is due to a failure to comply with the assigned diet.