If you are going to go during the cold season – fall or winter, make sure that you were wearing the warm and comfortable clothing which you have and in the suitcase or backpack was her shift.
Always count in the selection of clothing in the extreme case – for example, if you may be forced to spend some time in the cold waiting for a car or bus, you really help out an extra pair of warm socks or mittens spare.
Carry enough light, but warm clothes which will protect you from hypothermia and save your health. It is preferable to take the clothes from natural wool, cotton, linen and other fabrics, designed specifically for thermal insulation, and at the same time, safe in the fire relation.
Do not forget that the shoes for the cold season should not fit snugly to the foot, and also that you have should be at least one set of thermal underwear. Clothing should not hamper your movements, and it must be versatile. Choose warm winter jacket with pockets, carabiners and a hood – this jacket can replace you a travel pouch for documents and money.
Also in cool weather essential windproof shirt, windjackets and waterproof pants-transformers from crease-resistant fabric. Choose stylish and comfortable clothing designed especially for longer trips and Hiking.
If you're travelling in the warm season, do not forget about the headdress that will protect you from overheating and burning. Hat, hat or a cap with a visor will help to keep always on the face protective shadow.
Special attention to your shoes, especially if you plan to walk a lot during the journey. The best option is ergonomic Hiking boots or a summer sandal with an anatomical outsole. Shoes for travel should be not only comfortable, but also freely passing air.
Don't forget to bring work gloves made of cotton – they will help in an emergency situation that requires from you some of the dirty work (e.g., repairing a car or a bonfire).
Another important subject both in the winter and in the summer are the sun glasses with light filters. They will protect your eyes from sunlight in the way and preserve their health.
Be far-sighted and practical, and then the journey undertaken with the comfort that will bring you pleasure.