First and foremost research what you will need to wear. Typically, a beach vacation requires a minimum of clothing. Often a lot of kinds of outfits that hardly fit in a few suitcases and remains unclaimed. But still, at least things get worth.

Make sure to list present a set of beach clothes, 2 bathing suits, flip-flops and rubber Slippers are fine Terry towel. Mat for the beach, and rationally to arrive at a place. If you are prepared slates, rubber Slippers, hat, beach towel, everything is available for purchase in the shop, which is located near the beach. But be prepared for the fact that to pay for all have two or three times more.

The most demanded clothing is a convenient kit, which you will go on excursions and one pair of shoes. For home use take a light cotton robe or set.

For a hike to the disco, the restaurant, the light and music fountains you'll need one universal set of decent clothes.

During the camp, don't forget to collect the necessary documents. You'll need your passport if you are traveling outside of their country. International passport must be issued while traveling abroad. Tickets, documents, confirmation, money, visa is all that is to forget in any case impossible. If you're a child, you will need a notarized parental consent and a passport.

In the mandatory list of necessary items, make the drugs. In the first aid kit should contain: antiseptic, bandages, cotton wool, plaster, tools to help cope with indigestion – activated carbon, "Smectite", "Mezim Forte". In addition, may require drugs for heartburn: "gaviscon", "Rennie", burn ointment, pills from headache and toothache. If you regularly take any medications, make sure that you take a means you have enough for the whole holiday.

Camera, camera, batteries, battery, charger, phone is those devices that you will need.

From the useful and necessary items take cream or gel for sunburn with high factor protective cream, after sun products, and personal care products.