Advice 1: What to take to the sea

Vacation. Sea. What could be better? To stay a truly carefree, you need to prepare for it carefully and make a list of all the things and items that you may need on the seashore away from home.
What to take to the sea

First and foremost research what you will need to wear. Typically, a beach vacation requires a minimum of clothing. Often a lot of kinds of outfits that hardly fit in a few suitcases and remains unclaimed. But still, at least things get worth.

Make sure to list present a set of beach clothes, 2 bathing suits, flip-flops and rubber Slippers are fine Terry towel. Mat for the beach, and rationally to arrive at a place. If you are prepared slates, rubber Slippers, hat, beach towel, everything is available for purchase in the shop, which is located near the beach. But be prepared for the fact that to pay for all have two or three times more.

The most demanded clothing is a convenient kit, which you will go on excursions and one pair of shoes. For home use take a light cotton robe or set.

For a hike to the disco, the restaurant, the light and music fountains you'll need one universal set of decent clothes.

During the camp, don't forget to collect the necessary documents. You'll need your passport if you are traveling outside of their country. International passport must be issued while traveling abroad. Tickets, documents, confirmation, money, visa is all that is to forget in any case impossible. If you're a child, you will need a notarized parental consent and a passport.

In the mandatory list of necessary items, make the drugs. In the first aid kit should contain: antiseptic, bandages, cotton wool, plaster, tools to help cope with indigestion – activated carbon, "Smectite", "Mezim Forte". In addition, may require drugs for heartburn: "gaviscon", "Rennie", burn ointment, pills from headache and toothache. If you regularly take any medications, make sure that you take a means you have enough for the whole holiday.

Camera, camera, batteries, battery, charger, phone is those devices that you will need.

From the useful and necessary items take cream or gel for sunburn with high factor protective cream, after sun products, and personal care products.

Advice 2 : What to take with you on vacation to the Crimea

Going on vacation in the Crimea, it is necessary to carefully prepare for the journey. Case contains beach equipment, comfortable shoes for the long excursions and a variety of useful things like a toothbrush, flashlight and boiler. But this may not be enough.
The necessary things for the trip to the Crimea
Not long ago, the Crimea has joined the list of Russian resorts. Many immediately decided to spend your vacation on the Peninsula. But, gripped by anticipation of a trip, even the most experienced travelers sometimes admit embarrassing mistakes when collecting Luggage. So before you hit the road, you have to make sure that, along with sunscreen and sandals in your suitcase can find other useful items.

Documents and return tickets

As a minimum a certificate certifying your identity (passport works best). It would seem to be obvious, but in the confusion of charges you can lose sight of it. This will lead to serious problems on the ferry crossing and when settlement. Return tickets should get in advance: when you decide to finish the rest, at the checkout station may not be places on your desired date.


Due to temporary problems in the Crimean banking sector receive cash transfers or withdraw cash at the ATM may not be possible. Money it is best to take in 2 times more than required — just in case (remember that in the event of force majeure monetary reinforcements from the mainland you might not get). Don't forget to stock up on and a little thing: "no surrender" is one of the most popular pretexts for extortion from unscrupulous sellers.

Portable first aid kit

Range of drugs in Crimean drugstores may differ significantly from what is presented in your town. So if you have a tendency to take certain medication, they must bring their own. In addition, be sure to have an antihistamine, a wound healing ointment and means of first aid, including effective antiseptic and bandages.


Bring a small supply of non-perishable food. Who knows for how long you linger at the crossing and how soon will be able to reach the local market. Buying food on the go can get quite expensive: sellers in places of mass crowds and not shy.

Maps and guides

If you are lost without GPS, and your phone cannot find a network and connect to the Internet, you will come to the aid of a conventional map, which you wisely put it in his pocket before leaving. Just remember to make sure that you have purchased the latest edition of grandpa's map 1963 release may differ materially from actual location in 2014.

Spare batteries

It would be very disappointing if your camera runs out of power at precisely the moment when the beauty of the sunset will reach apotheosis. But to be on the dark forest path no light due to the fact that the flashlight's out of batteries, and even dangerous. Therefore, a set of replacement batteries and battery for your camera with you at all times.

The right set of Luggage suggests that you take everything you need and everything that can be a source of trouble — a heavy, valuable, unclaimed at the resort — staying at home. This approach is to collect the suitcases will help you to enjoy the holidays and avoid disappointment.
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