The pressure level is influenced by many factors. For example, when you are in the supine position, the pressure is lower. Stand up quickly and start something to do, it will temporarily increase. Short-term to increase the pressure may be a sharp change in emotional state (stress), and also taking some stimulants, such as coffee, tea or certain medicines. It is also one of the most frequent symptoms of a hangover, when there are spasms of cerebral vessels. Anyway, if the internal systems of the body are stable, over a period of time the normal pressure is restored.

Optimum pressure values in young healthy people – 110/70 or 120/80 mm Hg.St. It may change slightly depending on the age, sex, individual characteristics of the human body, and its level of fitness. Pressure increases with age, and after forty already considered the norm
indicators 140/90 mm Hg.St. But if it exceeds this mark, it is necessary to consult a doctor, because of the development of hypertension.

As the body ages, the walls of large arteries thicken, lose elasticity, the blood is under great pressure, this pressure increases. To the same result Smoking and excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Pressure surges can be one of the main causes of disorders of the endocrine system. In the area of special risk in this case there are fans of salty and fatty foods. This food delays the excretion of fluids from the body and leads to obesity, and, according to the scientists each recruited a kilogram is three extra millimeters of mercury column of the sphygmomanometer.

Pressure rises in congenital heart disease. And almost always it has high rates of kidney disease. Men leap can give a inflammation of the prostate gland.

Hypertension may develop after various diseases of brain and spinal cord. And, no matter when you received a particular injury is possible even after a concussion in early childhood.

If a young woman begins to jump up pressure for some reason, but she is taking a contraceptive, you should contact your gynecologist. Perhaps the reason for the increase was the estrogens that are included with these pills.

Causes increase pressure a lot, but if it happens regularly, you should not wait until it is normalized or uncontrolled to take medications if you don't want yourself cut life. You need a thorough examination of the body to make a correct diagnosis as soon as possible to begin treatment.