Advice 1: You need to create the game

Any computer user has ever played computer games. Discussing different variants of games, everyone is looking for something unique, suitable to him. Sooner or later, some begin to wonder about the process of creating the game.
You need to create the game

Think of the plot and the idea of the game you want to create. Be it adventure, race or variants of a fight, you decide. It should be understood that the game creation process tedious and requires a lot of time. Without specific knowledge to create a game you do not get. You need to learn the basics of programming languages, scripting languages, simulation.

Select the format of a game is 2D or 3D. Easier to do 2D than 3D: they do not load computer, and the amount of programming needed to create the game, is minimized. But even to create 2D games need good to be able to draw. If you can't draw, you can use ready-made blanks of locations, characters, etc.

One of the advantages of 3D games can be called the beauty and the spectacle, but the beauty demands victims, so the immediately visible drawbacks. You will need knowledge of different programming languages. It is the most difficult part of creating 3D games. It is assumed the more difficult the game, the more difficult languages. Their huge variety and they are known for a very long time. Learning one language you will face the necessity of knowledge of the other. And so on increasing. Another obvious disadvantage is that you need powerful computers. To draw here is not, but you need to learn to work in programs for modeling, but it is not easier drawing and without imagination can not do here.

There are special constructors for creating games. Of finished parts that you are given in the constructor, you will eventually create your game. They are suitable for both 3D games and 2D games. If you don't have ready parts, then you can add your own and use them. To force something to move, you will need to assign object actions using logical operations. With a shortage of standard actions to come to the aid of scripting languages. There are designers that include common programming languages, they are more functional, but their work is more difficult to grasp. Designers usually are divided into genres, but there are common that are suitable for creating games of various genres.

Advice 2 : How to create a game on computer

Computer game are becoming every day more varied and interesting. Today's young people, and a large number of PC users older very much passionate about this kind of pastime. Sometimes, this passion becomes so strong that the players not only play, but also begin to create. A few tips on how to create your own 3D game can be useful.
3D game - amazing computer world
You will need
  • To create your own 3D games you will need the rise of fantasy and the team of like-minded, preferably with a programmer of their friendly series.
Modern computer games come in different genres. It's all kinds of shooters, real time strategy, action, arcade, adventure, simulation of reality, racing. Each genre its own characteristics and appeal. Therefore, study them, choose the genre that you like.
The next step - write the script. This is a very important step in creating a 3D game. Besides that it's really a creative process, it depends on how well and smoothly you will be able to construct the game from the point of view of programming.
Scenario 3D consists of three components: concept document, design and actual scenario.
The concept document is a description of the technical component of the game, its technical basis.
Design visualization of ideas, her style, colorful, graphics. Think of the characters, surroundings and spectacular pieces.
A scenario more in detail and more thoroughly develop the plot and all its lines and curves.
After you have developed a script – estimate its complexity. This is important because the complexity of the scenario will depend on the choice of engine, "motor, which will run the game.
If the game is pretty simple, with a small number of characters and graphics, it will be enough FPS Creator.
If you intend to do a magical game, with effects and all kinds of chips with high-speed movement and movable characters, use the NeoAxis Engine.
Then prepare game resources models, sounds and textures.
The last step you can finish the game yourself or ask your friend-programmer. This is not difficult.
If you don't want to do programming - download from the Internet constructor games. However, with it, you can only make a very simple game.
Useful advice
All the necessary software to create the game you can download from the Internet.

Advice 3 : How to create a game maker

If you look back to 20 years ago, you can remember, like a computer game seemed in some inexplicable miracle, and their creators were considered almost gods of new technologies. Today a new shooter or a simulator is unlikely to surprise anyone - the winner is the magnitude of the budget invested in new physics or graphics engine, and technology of making games available to anyone interested in their computer user, even the most "kettle".
How to create a game maker
You will need
  • Computer, Internet, program, Game Editor, the compiler of a suitable programming language, Adobe Photoshop.
Every game starts with an idea. As you know, the most popular game in the world Tetris, which is exactly the idea, not the physics, plot and special effects. Look around you, maybe some fun yet not smart enough to realize the art form and you have all chances to become famous. Define the genre, work through the idea and clearly decide what you want to get the end result.
If your idea doesn't require 3D graphics, introduction to the physical characteristics and other "difficulties" inherent in large commercial projects, we pay attention to program to create two-dimensional games Game Editor. It can make any mini-game with its own plot and graphics that you will need to prepare in advance in a graphics editor like Photoshop. The interface of Game Editor is entirely in English, but it doesn't hurt to learn it even the "teapot", because in the network there are plenty of forums and instructions to this program. Create your own games with Game Editor is best to start with the study and processing samples of games included in the program.
If you need more resources or you feel a potential programmer, create your own game in some programming language: C++, Delphi, etc. for Example, examining the foundations of Delphi, in a very short time to create any table game like chess or backgammon. And C++ is generally considered the main language for writing games – it was created by legends such as Warcraft and Doom. Read the tutorials and forums on these programming languages, consider the examples of development of games on them and start building their own creations.
Tamp hand on the classical examples. After reviewing all the documentation, write your own Tetris, snake and chess/checkers on the selected programming language and graphics to create them themselves, too. After this workshop, any game that you can create at home, you will be able to do.
Do not seek to create themselves a new Crysis or Need for Speed. This requires hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment, a large team of professionals and our office is equipped with the most performing computers.
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