You will need
  • To make your free 3D game you need only your imagination and, preferably, a group of friends who also like computer games.
Decide what genre you will do your game. Explore the major game genres. Among shooters, real time strategy, action, arcades, adventure, simulations, racing, choose the genre for his own 3D game.
Write a script. For 3D games it consists of several parts.Concept document – in this part describe the technical side, the main system of the game and its main advantages.Design – visual image, menu, games graphics.The script – it describe the essence of the game, her story is in the details.
Rate the difficulty of the game. This is necessary in order to determine what "engine" the game will work.If this game is first on your list of author's works and it doesn't make a lot of heroes use the Creator.If you are an advanced programmer? use NeoAxis Engine, it is suitable for games of any genre and level of difficulty.
Imagine that you have opted for the NeoAxis engine. Download it and install on your PC. After that, you will need resources – models, textures and sounds.
Came the final stage. If you are a programmer – you're finished creating the game on their own. If you use the programming you have is not possible, contact one of your programmer friends. On a well-developed script to end the game would be easy.