Advice 1: How to create an online game

With widespread broadband Internet access, online games have gained unprecedented popularity, which continues to grow.
How to create an online game

In some countries, such as South Korea for example, online games have become almost a national sport. No less popular are in Europe, USA and our country, and the creators of the hits of this rapidly growing sector become millionaires in a matter of months.

Naturally, many who are faced with the world of online gaming as a player or as a budding entrepreneur, the question arises — how to make online game?

It really is quite simple.

You first need to determine the type of the game. All online games are divided into several very different from each other types:

RPG (Role-Playing Game, role-playing game), or rather MMORPG (Massively Multyplaying Online Role-Playing Game – massively multiplayer online role-playing game) role – playing games like World of Warcraft or Lineage. The player will choose a role (hence the name) to become an Orc or a dwarf, warrior or magician etc., and then to join in the tumultuous life of the game world.

This game consists of two main parts. The server part — is, in fact, the game world, but essentially it is a database, which stores information about players, their skills and abilities ("stats"), as well as various items and objects in the game world. The client part is a program that plays on your computer in order to see the game world and your character, and commit any action in it. The main task of the client to communicate with the server (to retrieve data about the objects and creatures around the player character in each moment of time, and transmit to the server information about the player's actions), and display data received from a server in the form of attractive graphics, usually three-dimensional.

For programming both the client and especially the server part, you need a great knowledge and good experience actually programming, database creation, skills, 3D design, and, of course, imagination, which will help to create a complex and interesting game world. In addition, to make a modern game alone is simply impossible. Need a team of professionals.

There are designers of online games can greatly simplify the task to a novice. Of a system similar to Realm Crafter Professional 2.40, allow you to create an online game without programming as such. All the hard work is already done for you, you only need to perform the creative part is actually, to invent a game. However, this is the most difficult part. To get an idea of how many details must be considered, "the Laws of design of online worlds." creative Director Sony Online Entertainment Rapha fire. He is the lead designer of such hits as Ultima Online and Star War Galaxies, so his opinion it wouldn't hurt to take note of.

Browser-based games are popular among people who are not able naslajdatsa 3D graphics MMORPG (for example, because play in the workplace in parallel with the work). They are much simpler — in fact, it's just a set of html pages linked to as well as any website. So create the online game browser type much easier and ready the engines for browser-based games easy to find. For example, here lists open-source browser-based game that you can use as the basis for your own project.

Advice 2: How to create a 3d game

You like to play computer games, and finally you have reached such a degree of interest in this form of entertainment, that I wanted to create my own 3D game.
It's real. Let's examine the sequence in which it can be done.
How to create a 3d game
You will need
  • In order to create your 3D game needs time, imagination, and, preferably, a team of associates in which there is a programmer.
The first thing you need to choose which genre you will do. Analyze the major gaming genres: shooter, real time strategy, action, arcade, adventure, simulation of reality, racing. This will help you to understand what you like most about PC gaming and decide what genre you will be able to create his own 3D game.
Once you have decided on a genre, you need to write a script. The script for the 3D game consists of several components. The concept document, it describes the technical side of the game, its main features and its system. Design – in this case, it is the visual side of the game, its menu, the type of graphics, etc.

The script itself – it is prescribed the essence of the game, her artistic side.
Then you need to appreciate the complexity of creating the game and decide on what engine it will work. Depending on how much or how little it will be "protagonists" - a moving and dynamic characters, destruction, artificial intelligence, graphics, you will need to choose an engine.
If you first create a 3D game, and it won't be very many characters, use FPS Creator. This engine is a great trainer for beginners and simple game make it quite simple.

If you are an advanced user, use the NeoAxis Engine. This slider allows you to create a game of any genre.
So, let's say you decided to work on the NeoAxis engine, downloaded it and installed it. Now we need game content – models, textures and sounds. If you are not a programmer, so at this stage it is time to seek help from a professional - it will complete work on the creation of 3D games. If you own programming languages, to complete this process on their own you will not be difficult.
Almost all the software to create games you can download from the Internet. You need to only purchase a good microphone – this, unfortunately, download from the Internet is impossible.
Useful advice
If you don't want to do programming, in order to much easier, you can download from the Internet constructor games. I note only that interesting, and most importantly, a diverse and multifaceted game designer do not work.
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