Think about how you will move: by plane, by car or by train. Flights to Krasnodar, there are many companies, but often expensive tickets negate all the advantages of this method of transportation. Train will work out cheaper, but tedious. Some immigrants hesitant to move the car. This is a great opportunity to see the country and build your trip the way you want.
Find as much information about the city, work in it, about the cost of housing and climate, to imagine what awaits you at the new location. The flow of migrants in Krasnodar continues unabated, and in the web you can find a variety of information, dedicated to move to Krasnodar and the Krasnodar territory. For example, in the "new Forum who" gather and share information that you need is already moved and those who are just planning or dreaming about moving to Moscow for permanent residence.
Select the time of moving. In the Krasnodar region in the summer going thousands of Russians, because there are hundreds of resorts and sanatoriums. In August and September in the city's annual influx of students, as in any regional capital with many educational institutions. Book a good and cheap hotel or rent low-cost housing is very problematic this time of year.
Contact a local real estate Agency that will help you to rent or buy housing. Most large real estate Agency with a large base is Kayan and Ajax. For assistance in the purchase of housing will have to pay 5% of the value of the apartment. This is a normal rate in Krasnodar. Services for the rental housing ranges from 30 to 50% of the monthly payment. You can try to find your own accommodation. Weekly updated information on the sale and rental of housing can be found in the local newspaper "Deal."
Solve problems with housing purchase or long lease in place. Do not pay money for unverified information. Beautiful pictures, or vivid descriptions of the beautiful flats or located house can be a blatant lie. Unfortunately, in Krasnodar, a lot of dishonest realtors or people making money from many persons. Tune into good and do not be fooled.