Will receive a residence permit in the Russian Federation. A residence permit is needed for foreigners residing in the country for more than a year. It is issued for 5 years, however, it is not so easy process. You can use the services of law firms, and it is possible to collect all the necessary documents that are specific to each country.For the citizens of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan receiving a residence permit easier. You need to in your own country stamp on departure to Russia for permanent residence and a piece of departure. However, it is worth noting that this option is suitable only for those born in Russia or have direct relatives (mom, dad, sister, brother, husband, wife), citizens of the Russian Federation.
Get citizenship of the Russian Federation. The main criterion for obtaining Russian citizenship is the official residence in the territory of the country within 5 years. If you have previously received a residence permit and have lived those 5 years in Russia, I can apply for citizenship of the Russian Federation. The decision will be made within one year from the date of submission of all properly executed documents to the FMS.The period of residence on the territory of the Russian Federation for citizenship can be reduced to 1 year or even removed for separate categories of aliens established by article 13 of the Federal law.
Use citizenship in a simplified manner. It is quite possible that you have the right to receive Russian citizenship under the simplified scheme. It consists in the fact that you don't need to pre-live in the country for 5 years and the term of the application is reduced to 6 months.Getting in a simplified procedure exists for those who have a parent – RF citizen permanently residing in the territory of the country, subjects living in countries of the former USSR and have not received citizenship there; and those who received in Russia, secondary or higher professional education.In addition, a simplified procedure to obtain citizenship of the person having the child - the citizen of the Russian Federation or the spouse of a citizen of the Russian Federation, provided that the marriage has resided for at least 3 years.