You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - instruction.
Make sure you want to disable this mode on your computer, and at occurrence of malfunctions, make sure that it is related to RAM. If you have enabled the Dual Channel mode DDR strap, move RAM to other slots, if not available free, just swap them. In rare cases it helps, however, pre-read the motherboard manual on how to connect memory modules to enable this mode, and then do everything in reverse order.
Go into the BIOS of your computer. This is done in most cases by pressing the Delete button when the download screen, however, for some motherboard models may provide another key such as F1, F2, Esc and so on, the main thing – pay attention to the inscription “Press Delete to enter setup”, respectively, instead of the Delete can be given any other keyboard button.
If necessary, enter the password to enter the BIOS, and then locate the menu option is Dual Channel DDR or another similar name. Will set it to Disabled, then exit saving changes.
Carefully read the instructions to your motherboard model and find out the sequence of installation of RAM modules to disable dual-channel mode. If your instructions are provided, load new depending on the model of your device.
Please note that dual channel RAM only works in the case of an even number of slats in the slots of the motherboard, so you can solve the problem installing only one strip of RAM. If you leave, for example, 3 pieces – the first two of them will work in dual channel mode.