The bill also requires the input of the thirteen categories of motorists instead of five, reducing maximum permitted speed in the city to fifty miles per hour and to establish clear legal relations between participants of traffic.In Soviet times there was the practice of issuing driving licences from the age of sixteen. They differed from those given in eighteen years. It was a so-called Junior certificate, which granted the right to drive the car only in the presence of a driver with experience not less than three years and only on the roads of local importance.A good way to obtain a driver's rights at sixteen is to go to America and become a citizen of the United States where photo ID in some States you can get altogether in fourteen years (however, there are some limitations for such a young driver). But think about it, are actually right to become a citizen of a foreign country? The answer is obvious. Of course not.
And why right at this age? You can safely wait a couple of years with no problem to go and learn driver. However, as they say, all Teens are maximalists, they want everything at once. The only thing that justifies such zeal to obtain a driver's license at this age.Summing up, it should be noted that the driver's rights in Russia cannot be obtained at age sixteen, is just one of the legislative programs for the future. The only exceptions are the rights to the motorcycle, which can be obtained just upon reaching the age of sixteen.