You will need
  • - washing machine
  • - the programmer.
First and foremost is to put a question, do you need a machine overwriting parts of memory? Often, the problem lies not in faulty memory module, there are other causes and solutions, respectively, can be the same.
If you still decided to flash the module, do not forget that each washing machine this operation is performed in different ways. Often it all depends on the make and model of equipment installed in your home. Firmware also plays not the last role. The most optimal variant — the operation of the firmware via a special socket (connectors) that are not each model.
If there are no connectors, the operation is much more complicated, because lately there is a trend of embedding memory in the CPU of the washing machine. Thus, a fixation at this stage is possible only in the service center, which likely will cost significantly more. To perform the firmware memory via the processor must have a special hardware, which costs money.
Now you need to open the manual, which usually is a connection diagram of indoor units. If the schematic drawings you had not discovered, they can be search on the official sites. To do this in the search box (usually upper right corner), enter model of machine and press Enter. Among the search results, select your washing machine and go to "Download" (Download).
In this section you will need to find instructions (Manual) and download it by clicking the appropriate link. The downloaded file will open using the program for reading electronic books (Adobe Reader or Foxit PDF Reader).
Unplug the washing machine and proceed to disassembly the outer case. Using the schema from an electronic document, locate the bar for the memory and try to unsolder using soldering iron with a fine tip.
The extracted module is attached to the programmer that reads the data initially, and then hold the firmware. To install the new version of the firmware you need from the same website to download the appropriate files.
After operation completion, the firmware is left to solder the circuit on a former place and to collect the body of the washing machine.