You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - programmer;
  • computer;
  • the firmware program;
  • service manual.
Disassemble your TV and find the chip memory. To do this, use the service manual applicable to your model, otherwise you risk breaking the TV. To get the service manual quite difficult, in addition, the task often is complicated by the fact that often it is only in the language of the manufacturer.
Purchase a special programmer for the chips. You can find it in stores radio your city or build it yourself if you have the skills to operate such devices. To do this, first download the schema from the Internet.
If possible, purchase a replacement chip for your TV. It will be convenient to save to the new version of the firmware. But if after a software update, something goes wrong, you can just replace it with the old, without changing the firmware.
If you still have not found a replacement chip for your TV, connect the old to the programmer, run on the computer previously downloaded the software, merge the information in the memory of the computer. This must be done without fail, because the update software is not always the best way affects the operation of the device.
Reprogram the memory chip of the TV and plug it back into the device. Check the correct operation regarding each time of use of the TV. If you are satisfied, secure the cap and leave it unchanged. If after upgrade you see unstable operation, replace the old chip or flash it to the old version.
If you have not previously encountered programmers and IOS software, refer to qualified service centers in your city for assistance from experts. Not pereproshivaet TV unnecessarily and try to rarely take it apart.