You will need
  • For the Mojito:
  • 10 g fresh mint;
  • 10 g of cane sugar;
  • - 1 lime;
  • - 80 ml white rum;
  • 400 ml tonic;
  • - crushed ice.
  • For a virgin Mojito:
  • - 10-15 g of mint;
  • - half lime;
  • - 200 ml soda;
  • - crushed ice.
  • For the Cuban Mojito:
  • - 1.5 tsp. brown sugar;
  • - 0,5 lime;
  • - 30 ml white rum (Havana Club, Ron Varadero);
  • - 3 large sprigs of fresh mint;
  • - soda water (tonic);
  • - crushed ice;
  • - low wide glass.
  • For the Royal Mojito:
  • - 50 ml white rum;
  • - 30 ml dry sparkling wine;
  • - 25 ml sugar syrup
  • - 20 g of lime;
  • - 3 g of mint;
  • - 200 g of cracked ice;
  • For decoration:
  • - 1 lime;
  • - 1 g of mint.
  • For the strawberry Mojito:
  • - 50 ml white rum;
  • - 15 ml sugar syrup;
  • - 100 ml of soda;
  • - 30 g of lime;
  • - 80 g of strawberries;
  • - 5 g of mint;
  • - 250 g of crushed ice.
  • For garnish:
  • - 10 g strawberries;
  • - 1 g of mint.

Wash the lime, cut it in two halves, each half into four slices. Wash and dry mint, separate the leaves from the stalks, place in the mortar mint, eight slices of lime, 10 grams of sugar and mash with a pestle lime and mint to let the juice, and the sugar is dissolved. Put in a glass crushed mint and lime, fill it with crushed ice to the top, add 80 ml of rum, top up with tonic, stir and pour into glasses.
Non-alcoholic Mojito

Take a tall glass, wash and finely chop the mint, wash and cut into slices, half a lime, put mint and lime in glass, add sugar, knead thoroughly. Pour into a glass of finely crushed ice and top up with soda water and stir. Put on the surface of the drink three mint leaves, push the straw a semicircular wedge of lime, insert straw into the glass.
Cuban Mojito

Pour in a Cup of sugar, wash your lime, half a lime cut into two wedges and with your hands squeeze the juice into a glass, it is important to do this immediately so that the sugar started to dissolve. Put the lime skin in the glass. Wash and dry the mint, sprinkle on the lime, mash with a pestle or fork, mint should start to smell badly.
Pour half a Cup of crushed ice, add rum, then soda water. Serve garnished with lime slice and mint sprig.
Royal Mojito

Put in a glass 6 mint leaves and add the juice of lime wedges, fill a glass of crushed ice to the top. Add 25 ml sugar syrup 50 ml white rum, 30 ml sparkling dry wine. Gently stir with a cocktail spoon. Add more crushed ice, garnish with a lime wheel and mint sprig
Strawberry Mojito

Wash the mint, lime and strawberries. Put in a wide glass, 10 mint leaves, 3 lime slices and 5 strawberries. Pour sugar syrup carefully mash the mixture to let the lime juice and mint smell. Add crushed ice, pour in rum and club soda, stir, serve, garnished with mint leaves and a strawberry.