You will need
  • - 70 ml lemon juice
  • - 50 g strawberries
  • - 100 ml of orange juice
  • - 1 lime
  • - ice
  • - 30 ml strawberry syrup
Fresh strawberries grind in a blender. Add the orange and lemon juice, strawberry syrup and mix all ingredients. To give a richer taste to the drink you can optionally use 10-15 ml of sugar syrup.
The ice chop. You can wrap the cubes in a cloth and smash them with a meat mallet. The pellets should have as small.
Crushed ice, mix with strawberry mixture. The mixture should be quite thick. Quantities of ice can be changed at their discretion.
The edges of the glasses lightly moisten with water and dip in powdered sugar. Fill containers strawberry cocktail and garnish thin slices of lime. On the table a Margarita should be served until the ice melted. You can use a special extra thick tube with a decorative ornaments.