To do this you must first pick the right ingredients. Do not worry if the Windows Blizzard, the products included in the Mojito can be purchased in any supermarket. For the preparation of the divine drink you need mint leaves, cane sugar, lime, white rum, sprite and ice. Mix the ingredients should be in strict sequence.

First, put in a glass of lime and mint, pre-cut them to pieces. To improve the taste of the drink squeeze of lime juice. To drink contains more essential oil, you need to RUB mint, lime and sugar with a spoon. Add a spoonful of boiling water in a glass to amplify the flavor of the drink.

Mash all the contents of the glass, in the processing of essential oils of lime and mint form the most excellent in flavor. Add a spoonful of boiling water to strengthen it. Fill the glass with a crash (crushed ice), then add a little rum and a little more sprite.

If you prepare a Mojito at home, you do not need to crush ice, would be enough to throw a few whole pieces into the glass. The ingredients should be added to taste, like cocktails sour, add more lime. Interested in sweet cocktails don't spare the syrup and want a fun break - add rum.

Now you can prepare your own Mojito at home, wowing friends with his barminski skills.