Russian method of cooking "Mojito" - based on vodka

Mojito recipe with vodka practically does not differ in taste from classical, it is a budget option. Try it and you'll be able to see this.

Will need the following ingredients:

- 60 ml vodka;
- 3 sprigs of mint;
- 3 tbsp of sugar;
the ice - cubes;
- soda water.

To pick in the garden or on the market to get sprigs of mint, rinse well under running water, cut into small pieces and send in a glass. There also pour the lime juice and put sugar. Put in a glass of ice cubes – to the top. All the ingredients pour over top of the vodka and gently, but very thoroughly. The remaining space in the Cup to fill with soda. The more such water, the less will be the strength of the drink. Cocktail "Mojito" is ready. Left to decorate it with mint leaves or lime wedges – as you like. The lack of Roma has practically no effect on the taste of the drink. Only those people who are very familiar with this drink, is able to see the incident occurred.

The second recipe for "Mojito" - with vodka and "Sprite"

I must say that this alcoholic drink "Mojito" is not suitable for people with allergies or asthma. And healthy people can drink it only on special occasions. As it contains various additives that are not beneficial to the human body, and can be addictive. Moreover, by joining the "Mojito" drink Sprite (or other sparkling water), it causes constant thirst.

To make cocktail so you need to take 3-6 mint leaves, put them in a glass. Top pour 60 ml of vodka, lay ice cubes and pour the "Sprite". All mix well. The drink is ready.

Other options for making Mojito with vodka

The above recipe drink with vodka can vary in accordance with their own wishes. Delicious Mojito cocktail with vodka will you get if you substitute soda for sparkling water, for example, 7up. In addition, in the glass you can put fruit or berry puree made of Apple, peach, strawberry or raspberry. Such changes not only will not worsen, but on the contrary will improve the taste of your favorite beverage, make it more rich and original.

Now you know how to make a Mojito with vodka. Make cocktail recipes above. But remember, any alcoholic drink is good in moderation.