It is especially important to keep temporarily unused battery. Before that dateline wash the surface AB from traces of electrolyte. Grease the terminals, the metal part of the battery with petroleum jelly, thus you will save them from oxidation. Tighten tube cans in the battery. Check that it was not mechanical damage. The housing must be completely sealed and dry.
Flooded battery initially check the electrolyte density (should not be below norms - 1,28 g/cm3). On unattended device check at the pole conclusions voltage (optimally not less then 12.6 Volts). Shoshana battery is not stored for more than a year since the release. Have flooded with AB storage period at low temperature is 12-14 months and at zero temperature is 7-9 months.

Place AB in storage fully charged. Monitor the level of charge every three weeks, since the instrument is involuntarily discharged and fails.
Store the battery only in a dry warm place, as moisture and low temperatures adversely affect duration of the service. The optimum temperature during storage should not be below 10 - 12°C and maximum 20 °C. the Room must be well ventilated.

Protect the battery from direct sunlight and bright light.

Place the device on a flat surface in an upright position so that the electrolyte covers the lead plates. Do not put on the next possession with a lead-alkaline battery AB - this is unacceptable. Distance from devices to heating devices (if any) must comply with the standards - at least 1.5-2 meters.

From time to time clean the batteries from the creeping of salt, as they should be kept clean.