You will need
  • - awl or screwdriver
  • a syringe with a long needle,
  • - distilled water.
Look at the eye color of the battery indicator. If he is white, the battery urgently needs help, or even replacement. Disconnect the ignition and lighting of the car. Note that this can wear off the data radio, watches and other electronics. Take action against failure alarm.

To add electrolyte, tear off the sticker from the top cover of the battery. Using an awl, make holes in the center of the round soldered caps. Another option is using a screwdriver to tear off those plastic things to open the hole. Fill the syringe with distilled water, then slowly and gradually introduce her into the inner cell of the battery. When the electrolyte level reaches the desired, eye of the indicator should turn black. Then pour another 20 ml of distillate.
If the color of the eye black, the electrolyte requires quite a bit. Do the same opening, but each time only pour 5 ml of distilled water. To verify a sufficient level by using reverse rod syringe: if the distillate is extracted with a minimum dip of the needle, so the process can be completed.

Fill the resulting hole. Punctures Sheila pour conventional sealant. If you have done any large holes, then you can choose the suitable size of rubber tube. For greater reliability, glue them along the entire length of the circle. Shake the battery and connect to the terminals of the charger.
Maintenance-free batteries need regular care. Keep them in a temperature range from 0 to 27°C. Grease the terminals with special grease or petroleum jelly. Charge the battery, which stood for a long time without work. This should be done every 3 months, otherwise it will lose performance. Separate battery models require recharging during the year. To detect the decrease of battery power, check the drive belt tension.