You will need
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • Scissors
  • Ornamental plants and leaves
  • Two tapes of natural materials
  • 2 sheets decorative paper
  • Mesh for flowers.
  • Rice paper.
  • Beautiful braid
  • Decorative bow
Try to know the tastes, who are going to present the flowers. When you package your bouquet keep in mind their preferences and Express their imagination. Today in fashion florists have different decorative elements: ribbons and cords, bows, beads and sequins, crystals etc. When packing flowers stick to some rules:

• The packaging should not "crush" the bouquet, to divert all attention to himself. She decorates it and hides some imperfections. Packaging allows you to hide the flaws of the bouquet and the beautifully laid flowers. For example, a spiral way to the splendor or to make it tight and round (this bouquet is called "Biedermeier"). Triangular's the corsage from florists is considered funeral!

• Do not give flowers in foil or crepe paper! Initially this package was also used for mourning ceremonies. To give flowers, fully wrapped in cellophane and rolled up in a tape from polyester, is considered bad manners.

• Don't overdo the decorative elements: they are only accents and give the gift of originality, a certain charm. For example, "drops of dew" on the rose silk butterfly on field flowers.

• In fashion is all natural. It's rice paper, ribbon made of natural materials, felt, jute, sisal and rice cloth, mesh, corrugated paper, etc.
Try to arrange a beautiful bouquet yourself. Your task: minimum packing and maximum colors. For example:

• Take a short and very opulent bouquet of white roses. Tightly gather the stalks to one another and very carefully cut them down.

• Put the big bouquet around the perimeter of the plant with small white buds, then twisted down the large decorative leaves.

• Finally, tie the stems of the bouquet with spiral ribbon (not shiny!) delicate white. Sami rose for preservation, you can cover special (discreet and easy!) mesh for flowers.

• Can wrap a bouquet before the start of the inflorescences of rice paper pastel colors, cut out at the end of the beautiful flounces. Gently fold them.
Pack a simple bouquet of 1-3 flowers or a flower in a pot in the paper.

• Put the pot with a flowering plant on the middle of a sheet of paper (decorative or just colored). Two opposite corner of the fold and attach to the pot, then do the same with the other ends of the paper. Decorate the packaging with a beautiful lace and a sweet bow.

• Take two of the decorative paper sheet: one thick, the other thinner. Well, if a thin sheet will be the same colors of flowers. Glue the leaves to one another on the reverse side. Make a beautiful bag. On the one hand it can be folded like a fan, with another bend one area. Stitch the two ribbons together (same colors as paper sheets) and nicely cover the box.
Save the flowers from the weather, otherwise all the beauty of the lovingly designed bouquet can ruin the wind, rain and cold. Sometimes it is enough to wrap the bouquet in a soft paper (2-3 layers). When the frost is well to put the flowers in a large package made of polyethylene (sealed!) and infuse it with air. Tightly tie the pack on top. Plastic bag (including special packaging)always remove indoors. If you are going to give the bouquet on the street or a departing guest, be sure to have on hand a suitable protective packaging.