So as not to crush the flowers during transportation, weave for them the basket. The ideal material for this is a willow vine. Cut branches 1.5 m in length, remove the bark and laminate each one into 3 strips. Leave the bars to dry in the sun for two days. Immediately prior to the weave soak them in water for a couple of hours.
Make the bottom of the basket. This plywood cut out a circle whose diameter is 1 cm greater than the diameter of a pot of flowers. Along the perimeter of the circle, drill holes for inserting rods. Number of holes located at equal distance from each other must be odd. Insert the rods into the holes, the end hook under bottom using furniture stapler. Pick up all the branches up on end and grab the rubber band. Fill the space between the bars in horizontal rows. Take the first thread, pass it under the first vertical bar, output, and go around following the vertical "beam", then re-season the inside. Next, place the horizontal bars as well. When the Foundation is finished, the tops of vertical rods fold inward and secure with a stapler. A basket can be tied rope handles or as weave them from the vine.
A simpler version of the packing – box cardboard. Do it in the form of an octagonal prism. Build a scan of this chart pattern consisting of eight equal rectangles. The total width of the rectangles should be 2-5 cm longer than the diameter of the flowerpot. To one of the rectangles pririsuyte drawing of bottom and top face of the box – they consist of eight equal sides. Add narrow strips-valves, by which it will be possible to connect the elements into a figure. Transfer the drawing on beautiful and tough enough cardboard, cut it out. The bend lines on the reverse side with a force draw a pencil. Fold the box and glue it.
If you don't have time for a long design gift, pack flower in a pot in the paper. Select fine gift paper. Cut from it a circle. To calculate the radius of the circle to the radius of the pot, add the height from the bottom of the pot to the top of the flower, then add another 5 cm In the center of the circle put the pot, bring the edges of the paper up, forming pleats on the sides. Top tie a paper ribbon.