Advice 1: How to pack flowers in pots

Flowers in pots have become an alternative to the usual bouquet. This gift will remain fresh and relevant not only in a couple of days after the holiday - it will delight the owner for many years. To the present did not look too easy, zadekorirovat flower pot, making the packaging with their hands.
How to pack flowers in pots
So as not to crush the flowers during transportation, weave for them the basket. The ideal material for this is a willow vine. Cut branches 1.5 m in length, remove the bark and laminate each one into 3 strips. Leave the bars to dry in the sun for two days. Immediately prior to the weave soak them in water for a couple of hours.
Make the bottom of the basket. This plywood cut out a circle whose diameter is 1 cm greater than the diameter of a pot of flowers. Along the perimeter of the circle, drill holes for inserting rods. Number of holes located at equal distance from each other must be odd. Insert the rods into the holes, the end hook under bottom using furniture stapler. Pick up all the branches up on end and grab the rubber band. Fill the space between the bars in horizontal rows. Take the first thread, pass it under the first vertical bar, output, and go around following the vertical "beam", then re-season the inside. Next, place the horizontal bars as well. When the Foundation is finished, the tops of vertical rods fold inward and secure with a stapler. A basket can be tied rope handles or as weave them from the vine.
A simpler version of the packing – box cardboard. Do it in the form of an octagonal prism. Build a scan of this chart pattern consisting of eight equal rectangles. The total width of the rectangles should be 2-5 cm longer than the diameter of the flowerpot. To one of the rectangles pririsuyte drawing of bottom and top face of the box – they consist of eight equal sides. Add narrow strips-valves, by which it will be possible to connect the elements into a figure. Transfer the drawing on beautiful and tough enough cardboard, cut it out. The bend lines on the reverse side with a force draw a pencil. Fold the box and glue it.
If you don't have time for a long design gift, pack flower in a pot in the paper. Select fine gift paper. Cut from it a circle. To calculate the radius of the circle to the radius of the pot, add the height from the bottom of the pot to the top of the flower, then add another 5 cm In the center of the circle put the pot, bring the edges of the paper up, forming pleats on the sides. Top tie a paper ribbon.

Advice 2: How to pack suitcases on vacation

Packing a suitcase before a long – awaited vacation- very enjoyable and sometimes difficult event. And how else: I want to bring all my favorite clothes, hygiene products, gadgets, but often this mountain of stuff does not want to fit in Luggage. Try to properly put your things in a suitcase and still have room!
How to pack suitcases on vacation
Lay out all of the things that you want to take with you on vacation. Look at them with a critical eye: is usually about a fifth of them are on vacation you don't even pull out of the suitcase! From what can be discarded? If you go to the weekly holiday, is unlikely to take three almost identical dresses. Instead of two cans of the cream, day and night, better take one, universal. No need to take things on a case "and suddenly need".
The heaviest things should be put on the bottom of the suitcase: for example, bulky shoes, books. Then the biggest things – warm sweaters, jackets, jeans. Top better to put the packages with underwear and towels. Crease much things also should be placed in the last turn.
Small things like t-shirts, shorts and t-shirts better to roll tube and fold between the other things. Thus you will save space in your suitcase.
Each pair of shoes should be put in a separate package, applying the heel to the toe. It is better to spread out closer to the edges of the suitcase.
If you decide to bring along several pairs of socks, roll them up and hide in shoes – a simple space saving in the bag! Shoes not lose its shape.
Toothbrush, shampoo, creams and other personal hygiene products should be put in a purse or separate bag. If your suitcase has an external office, these things can safely be put into it.
Hair dryer, or Curling iron to begin to pack the pouches, and then folded between things that they are unable to suffer from shock or sudden drop of the suitcase. On the road it can be.
Accessories also needs to be put skillfully. Below the belt does not take up too much space, twist it into a spiral. It would be more efficient to decompose it along the perimeter of the suitcase.
Don't fill your suitcase to the most eyeballs! If you need to get anything out of it in transit and then have another "stamp" a bunch of stuff.
Should not be stored in the suitcase the documents and money. It is better to keep them to yourself.
Useful advice
A little trick – to blouses and shirts wrinkle, fasten the buttons on them. If things are still wrinkled, on arrival to the hotel, hang them on a hanger in the bathroom and open the hot water. Under the influence of couple clothes fast enough straighten.
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