You will need
  • basket;
  • - fruits;
  • - flowers;
  • - gift;
  • tape;
  • - cellophane;
  • - floral foam;
  • - polyethylene;
  • - dressmaker pins;
  • canvas.
Basket — the ideal packaging for the transportation of fruit. It should be clean and dry. Sort through the fruit. Broken or rotting put aside. Before transporting to wash them is not necessary but if you decide to do make sure that the fruit has time to dry.
Gently lay the fruit. On the bottom you can lay a sheet of clean paper, large format. Pack the fruit tightly, but so that they were not rumpled. For apples and pears it is better to take the basket a little deeper, for the grapes are preferable to small, but wide below the top layer are not crushed by what lies below. Cover the contents of a blank canvas.
For a gift to buy or make a small elegant basket. It can be in the form of a boat or a heart. Wrap the handle with ribbons. The ends can be left free, and can be covered with bows, flowers or butterflies. Decoration fruit baskets should not be too colorful. The content itself is quite attractive.
As a festive fruit basket usually served at the table, the contents of the loop, wash and dry. Beautifully put fruit. Down you can put apples, kiwi, oranges, grapes but must lay on top. The contents cover the top with plastic. The bilateral edges attach transparent tape to the inside of the basket.
To create the flower arrangements take a small, but low and wide cart. If it does not have a waterproof layer, line a rimmed bottom and sides with plastic wrap. Cut from sponge rectangular plate corresponding to the length and height of the walls, treat it with a solution of Floralife and gently lay. For the bottom cut from the same sponge cylinder and also treat the nutrient solution. Attach pieces of sponge to each other and to the polyethylene of tailor's pins.
Select the flowers for the composition. Trim the stems, they were placed in the sponge and did not touch the bottom of the basket. Start building the composition from the center, put the largest and most beautiful flower. The stem must be slightly longer than the rest. Put it vertically. The rest of the flowers put a little sloping in the direction from the center to the edges.