You will need
  • - SETool2 Lite;
  • - the firmware files
Remove from Sony Ericsson K790i SIM card and a flash drive. This is necessary in order to avoid loss of data. If you leave the flash card in the device, further problems may arise with her recognition in the mobile phone, the firmware will have to repeat again.
Download SETool2 Lite. The program allows you not only to flash the phone, but to read the FLASH device and to perform certain scripts for the software component of Sony Ericsson. It is advisable to download the latest version of the program from the official developer website or forums on relevant topics.
Install the program by following the instructions of the installer. Run the utility with the help that appears after you install the icons on your desktop. You the dropdown list select your phone model k790i.
Upload the firmware files. For Sony Ericsson software has two components – Main and FS. You need to download both prompted to download the file.
In SETool add the downloaded firmware files and click "flash".
Turn off the phone. Press and hold the C key of the device and insert the cable into the appropriate port. The application will determine the software version on the device and prepares it for flashing.
Click "Clear". Download from the Internet files customization and stick them in the MISC tab of the program Files.
Press FLASH and insert the wire into the phone, holding the key of C. once in the program window says "READY", you can insert SIM and memory stick into the phone and turn on the computer.