Ensure access of fresh air into the room, but do not make the draft.
Start wiping the baby with cool water. You can also use water mixed with vodka or vinegar in equal parts.
Try to attach to the body of the child a cabbage leaf. First treat the leaf with boiling water, then beat off and attach to the body, avoiding the heart area. Fix the film. Replace these packs every half hour.
As much as possible let the cool water. You can also use a warm tea made from rose hips. To drink the child should in small SIPS, but often. This will help to avoid vomiting.
Try feeding baby raspberry juice. Or steep a tablespoon of dried raspberries in a glass of water, then strain and let's drink.
Bad knocks temperature of the infusion of lime blossom (1 Cup of dried inflorescences, pour a glass of boiling water, leave for several hours). Let's drink to the child, adding honey.
Some herbalists suggest that non-trivial tool like the juice of unripe green grapes. Prepare the juice out of it and let's the child, you can with honey.
Well help you to lower the temperature citrus. Offer the child fresh juice from oranges or tangerines. Lemon grind honey and give this mixture to baby several times a day.
If the temperature is not reduced, try to use antipyretics. It can be candles or syrup. Focus on the child's condition: if there is diarrhea, the candles are not effective and it is better to give the child syrup. In contrast, if the child vomits, then use candles.
Be sure to follow General condition of the child! If the child stopped crying suddenly stopped, he rolled his eyes and began to shake the limb, it is said that he started having seizures. If you know that the child is prone to convulsive phenomena, always start to lower the temperature immediately as soon as it detects its increase. If the doctor offers to hospitalize the child, then do not give up. The little patient in a hospital will provide more effective assistance.