You will need
  • - leg warmers or light tights;
  • - light trousers and jeans;
  • - boots;
  • long tunics and dresses.
Women with thin legsand perfect tight tights in bright warm tones. If your height is above average, a major figure for hosiery products visually make the legs fuller. But such a pattern with little growth can make you even less. In the cold season you can use a warm, chunky knit leg warmers.
You fit bright white pants, they dream of the owner of fuller legs. Don't miss the opportunity to show graceful slim ankle cropped bright trousers in a bold print will fit you just fine.
Boldly wear classic pants and jeans. Drainpipe trousers and skinny jeans choose with care – feet good shape, they did not hurt, but only accentuate the curvature, if present. When choosing jeans, try a bright model with the effect of wear, they perfectly hide the thinness of the legs and attach the desired volume. Will help you and textured fabrics, trousers corduroy will not give a hint of the subtlety of the feet. You can wear light leggings and woolen trousers with a cutout heel, their feet acquire normal fullness, completely hiding the thinness.
Long tunics, dresses and skirts in ethnic style will give you a highlight and hide thin legs. Jumpsuits with flared trousers also will not be superfluous in your wardrobe. Fashionable harem pants and Aladdin hide well as excessive fullness and thinness of the legs.
From early autumn, wear a pair of boots. Combined with the right clothes they will hide your thin legs. Pay attention to the light soft materials from which made shoes. With the help of these boots you will be able to give the thin legs to the desired volume. Perfect for you will be suede boots Nude they "blind" the form of feet you want to see.
Do not choose too broad boots, they are ugly "hang out" on his feet. You will be hard to find shoes exactly on the leg, but leg warmers will help you out in this case. Fashion boots-pipe with thick knit socks will make you stylish and will hide thin legs. The length of tops to choose just below the knee, knee-length and above.
A large number of accessories and bright color shoes will only draw attention to the feet, so don't get carried away with such models. But the boots, cinches in the ankle, will create the illusion of legs normal fullness, hiding the thinness. For several seasons in fashion boots with fur tops, it is a good option for those with too slim legs.