Advice 1: How to shutdown computer at a certain time

The function of shutdown computer at a certain time, very convenient. You can, do not worry, leave it to download music or a movie or take other long-acting, does not require your direct involvement. Upon the occurrence of a certain time the computer will shut down itself. All that is required is to specify several settings.
How to shutdown computer at a certain time
Shut down your computer at a specific time through the special programmes, which are called timers or less alarms. As a rule, the scheme of their work and the interface is quite simple, because the shutdown of computer – it is far not the most difficult task. But, nevertheless, sometimes there are program-timers, which can be considered as a professional solution to this problem. For example, a free utility PowerOff. Download it and run in the system.
To turn off the computer at a certain time using PowerOff in the upper part of the window, select the field "response Time". Next, enter the time, putting in hours and minutes. Just below select the action the computer: shutdown. In addition to one-time shutdown, the program has other settings, for example, shutdown computer schedule, the level of CPU usage, at the end of music playback or during prolonged idle connection to the Internet.
In addition, you can also use the functionality of some of the players. For example, if you listen to music on the computer through the player Aimp, it can shut down computers at schedule time and without installing additional software. Go to the player menu and choose the command "Shutdown computer".
In the opened window check the box on the "Auto power off computer". Next, select the action (shutdown, hibernate) and a sign of its occurrence (in time, at the end of playback files). Then click the below "Apply" button and close the window.

Advice 2 : How to set auto shutdown computer

Automatic shutdown computer at specified time will relieve the user from performing some actions and feelings that he could forget to turn off the PC. In Windows operating system to do this, you can assign a task and set a schedule for the.
How to set auto shutdown computer
Before you can assign the desired job, it is necessary to get acquainted with the utility shutdown, it will shut down the computer. Open a command prompt. To do this, click start, expand all programs, and select it in the folder "Standard" paragraph "Command prompt".
In the opened new window, enter shutdown /? (shutdown, space, forward slash, question mark) and press Enter. The screen will display a certificate which details the appointment of an argument. To automatically turn off the computer fits the –s argument. Close the command prompt.
If you do not have a password to log into the system, it will need to be set. Without this schedule task will not work. To protect the login password, open the "control Panel" section of the "user Accounts" and select task "Create a password".
You can then go directly to the job assignment. Click start, expand all programs in a folder "Standard", select the sub-folder "Utility" and click on "scheduled tasks". In the opened window, tap the (icon) "Add task".
The "scheduled task wizard" will do for you almost all, you only need to follow his instructions. When you are prompted to select a job, click on the "Browse" button and specify the path to the file shutdown.exe. It is located on the disk with the system in the Windows folder and the system32 subfolder.
Set the frequency of execution of the building schedule and the start date of its implementation. When prompted for a password, enter the password you set to log in to the system. When the "Master" will complete its work and close the window, in the folder "scheduled tasks" will be a new item. Click on it with the left mouse button.
A new window will open, go to the tab "Job". In the string "Run" is written as the full path to the file shutdown. You must Supplement this record by the argument –s to the entry is as follows: C: (or other drive system)/WINDOWS/system32/shutdown.exe –s. Please note: between the extension .exe and the –s argument should be a space. Confirm the password and close the window.

Advice 3 : What you need to run and disable programs on the schedule

If suddenly the user PC needed to run and disable some program on schedule, help can come built-in in Windows "task Scheduler". You can easily schedule the display of any message, sending email, run any program. You need to disable and run programs on a schedule, you can read below.
Start and stop programs on schedule

Features of "Scheduler"

To start "task Scheduler", click on the "start" button located in the bottom left of the desktop. Then in the search bar enter the word "planner" and hit the "Enter" button (In English version of Windows instead of the word command was entered tasksch.msc). You can open a program in another way – by pressing on "start" then "control Panel" (advanced view), then "administrative tools" – "Scheduler".

Now look on the right side of the program window menu "Actions". To choose in the list you can choose several ways to create tasks. The most common are the "new task" and "Create basic task". After that, the window create the task, enter a description and the name of the new task. There is also the option to activate the "Run with highest privileges", unless of course to start you need administrator rights.

Switching to the tab "Triggers", click "Create" and assign a date, frequency, and duration of the task. To establish the date of completing the task, activate the nearby function, "Duration", indicating the time and date.

Clicking on the "Actions" tab to create a task, click "Create". In order to have the program run on the selected schedule, in the drop-down list "Action" select "Launch program". Next, click on the "Browse" button and specify the path to the executable file. With files on it.

Scheduled sending mail

For scheduled sending of email in the drop-down list "Action" select "Send email". Complete the standard fields: address and email name, the name and address of the recipient, the message subject, the message text. Click Browse to specify the location of the file is sent, if necessary. In the "smtp Server", insert the smtp server of your email and then click on the "OK" button.

Display scheduled posts

To display a scheduled schedule message, in the list "Action" select "the message". Required fields "Message" and "Title". Here the user just stops the fantasy. It can be a reminder to feed the cat, turn off the stove, visit any site on the Internet. It is possible to set the conditions for executing the task, to do this, click the "Terms". Additional settings can be adjusted on the Settings tab.

To finally create a task, it is necessary to complete all steps and click "OK". The generated job can be modified to do this, select the task in the list in the right menu click "Properties". Press the "OK" button the changes are stored.

Deletion of tasks and startup scheduler

To delete a scheduled job we need to open "task Scheduler" from the list to highlight the desired task in the right menu click "Remove". To run Windows scheduler also runs in the "control Panel" select "administrative tools", then "Services". In the list to open the "task Scheduler", double click on it, on the General tab set the startup type to "Auto" to apply the changes click "OK".
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