The owners of the new store must simultaneously solve two problems – to provide the greatest possible number of potential buyers in the shortest possible time to turn new visitors into regular customers. Developing a program of promotion, keep in mind both of these strategies.
Consider co-branding programs. You can share advertising leaflets and brochures with women's clothing stores in the same price category. Invite the cooperation of restaurants, children's art centers and Wellness centers. Not only can you spread out the advertising, but also to organize joint events, festivals, presentations, competitions.
Create your own website and sign in to your social networks and urban forums dedicated to families and children. This is where you can communicate freely with clients, both actual and potential. Find the staff person who will provide daily communication with the online audience. Note that these forms of communication work only with the continued and active support.
Creative approach to advertising his store. Don't waste money on articles and TV shows. Better tie friendly relations with editors and journalists of publications. Instead of paying advertising space in cash, offer to barter. You can provide clothes for filming with children in exchange for free advertising.
Interesting and inexpensive option of advertising edition of its magazine. To create it, both independently and together with partners. Circulation-1000 copies does not require registration. However, the publication must be beautiful and interesting. Not reprint someone else's material – create your own. Interviews with customers, description of the collections, announcements of sales – more informative than the publication, it is interesting and useful for buyers.
Consider a system of discounts and bonuses. It is not necessary to give out discount cards to everyone. Limited edition print and issue cards favourites. It is possible to organize private sales and extra events. Try to bring the forgotten format of the commissary. Open the Department, which will take on the implementation of clothes purchased from you earlier.
Create in your store club atmosphere. Try to meet for regular customers. Invite specialists of partner companies – for example, a family counselor or nutritionist from the medical center. Moms with kids in need of interesting leisure – providing it, you will gain regular loyal customers.