Store improvements start with improving service quality. First, find out how employees work. To do this, make research – mystery shopper. You can invite a few friends the man for the job Il is to contact a specialized firm. After receiving the results, discuss with each seller all the advantages and disadvantages of his work.
Change the shop schedule. It is sometimes impossible to buy the product in the morning or evening. Make a work schedule around the clock. Especially if next to no shops with such a schedule. If after a month you will see that it did not bring a lot of income, make sure that the store opened early morning and closed late in the evening. Determine the best time to work in practice.
Regularly expand the range of the store. Then you will go not only to buy goods, but also to see if there's anything new. Open for a small fee, delivery of the goods to the house.
Sell only quality products. Regularly check the products shipped to the store. At the slightest lack of quality make a return.
Visit the stores with similar merchandise on your block. Find out the pros and cons of their work. Offer customers more favorable conditions, at least for a while.
Make cosmetic repairs in the premises where service of customers. If needed, set for the convenience of chairs or armchairs.
If the shop is small, make it is within a couple of miles away. Print out the discount coupons or promotional posters. Place them in mailboxes, stick around porches or handed out with the help of promoters.
Conduct regular prize draws for your clients. Then you will go to not only for goods, but in the hope to win. Gifts do discount cards or store goods.
Every few months spend training. Use various trainings and seminars. Sales person at any store. So they should know their job and accurately perform it.