Lately, things created with their own hands, becoming of great value, because the result is unique pieces that you won't find in any store. Such fruits of their manual labour can be used anywhere, is not an exception and the exterior of the house.

Perfectly decorate the garden, homemade Lily of the valley, and to manufacture them have to use plastic bottles. There are several ways to translate the idea into reality. The first option involves the use of 3 steel rods, 20 opaque products white plastic and 6 meters reliable thread. Decorate the entire structure in a toga will help green paint. Bottle you should not get rid of the caps, they also come in handy.

The first production version of lilies of the valley

Bottles should be cut below their Central part is formed by the teeth, from the bottom to be removed, and the upper part will make the flower Bud. Each cover should have 2 holes that will be useful in order to be able to pass them to the thread. Be cut into segments of threads, each of them had a length of 30 cm is necessary to tie the Thread, leaving the ends free.

Now comes the turn steel rods that must be bent, painted, and then bind them to the bottle using threads, which should also be painted. The lilies are ready to plant at the site near the house. The design will look more elegant if it is supplemented by leaves, material which may be used by anyone. It is possible to apply the garden litter.

The second production version of lilies of the valley

This time in work have to use a wire, such as bottles and the wrapper, which can replace tape for decoration of bouquets of flowers.

The composition will be based on the frame of the wire. The frame is presented in the form of stems, which should strengthen procurement buds, previously cut from the plastic base. The resulting frame should wrap the existing green tape.

A great option that will allow you to replace the tape and make the design more durable, will be the method of staining elements in green, in which you can use enamel. This will protect the frame of floral arrangements from external impacts sunlight and rain. And in winter, flowers can not be removed, which will make white carpet in the garden more attractive.