Advice 1: What to do with the old carpet

Carpets on the walls are no longer in Vogue. And flooring time imposes other requirements. But removed the carpet from the wall, to throw it is a pity, for the old Palace would like to find a new use. Perhaps the old carpet still serve their masters?
What to do with the old carpet
To begin with, of course, the carpet will have to be thoroughly cleaned. Even better is to refer to specialized cleaning in the old pile can accumulate not only dust and dirt but also to settle the parasites to be gotten rid of, if you plan to use the carpet in the house.

Simple solutions

If the carpet is not too thick and in good condition, you can use it as a covering for a sofa or bed. However, to take care of such a coating is quite difficult.

The easiest way, of course, cut the old carpet into several smaller mats that can be laid in the hallway, in the bath, in the toilet or on the balcony. To not crumble the edge, you need to bind them with braid or tie the hook. These mats will not wish to throw out the extent of pollution, and to spend money on new not have a long time - they will get you nothing!

If the carpet is too old and worn, you will not wish to cut it and lay... in the country between the beds to work in the garden becomes easier, the mud and clay will not stick on the shoes, and the water will no longer stand in the aisles.

A little imagination

You can lay the old carpet on the floor and, after giving it a new form. For example, it will be interesting to look a figure of skin of an animal, carved out of the carpet. Edge of bleed, of course, also be processed.

You can update an old stool. To do this, cut out of the carpet circles or squares in the form of sensors, to process the edges on the wrong side of the sew foam. These seats can attach to stools with rubber bands. Will sit gently, and in the interior there are new and interesting detail.
The places with obvious defects, you can close bright knitted applique.

You can cut the old carpet, and its details bonding with knitted elements. This Mat will be much easier to fold and store. It is convenient to take along on a nature, to the country, to use for games in the nursery.

Will be carpet and Pets. They can do as a simple Mat, using parts cut from old carpet, and upholstery for cat house, for example.

If the carpet is durable and soft, you can make him comfortable Slippers or even if you want to update your shoes "out". But the last option is the destiny of great lovers of extravagant outfits.

Use in construction

Old carpet can be used in the construction and repair work, for example, as insulation or as a sound insulating material.
In this case, the carpet can not be cleaned, and as it can be anything.

The carpet is fixed on the wall, and the second layer is a decorative panel of plasterboard or other material. Carpet, especially shag, absorbs sound, which is especially important in modern apartments.

Advice 2 : How to make a carpet with their hands

Become the owner of a cute village Mat size 75 cm to 45 cm, of wool fabric, easily! You can do it yourself using unnecessary blankets and segments of woolen cloth. The product was bright and original, use colored rags. A good combination of black and white main color gamut with the addition of red, grey and cream patchwork. So, begin the manufacturing of the rug.
How to make a carpet with their hands
You will need
  • Wool colorful fabric, scissors, cotton thread in color of fabric, safety pin, fabric for lining 80*50cm.
First, you need to cut fabric strips. If existing segments of woolen cloth of equal thickness, the width of the strips should be about 6 cm If the thickness of the fabric is different, cut it so:
• strip of the thickest fabrics, of a width up to 6 cm
• fabric medium thickness up to 7 cm
• from the most delicate of fabric about 10 cm wide.
It is recommended to do a test braid to determine the optimal combination of stripes of different thickness, wherein the braid turns out smooth.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
To create a Mat it is necessary that the length of the strip of fabric was 120 cm If you have material less than the desired length, then stitch it in the following way: two strips of the same fabrics put at an angle of 90 degrees to each other and sew them together at an angle of 45 degrees manually or with a sewing machine, using thread in a tonal stitch fabric. Cut the excess fabric from the seam so that the size of the "tail" does not exceed 5 mm.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Once all the strips prepared, you can start braiding. Staple together the ends of three strips with pins and lock it at that level where you are comfortable to deal with netting. Once the braid is finished, secure the ends with thread or with pins that she had not undone. Choosing a contrasting band of fabric, weave another 10 braids.
Put in some of the existing pigtails and swapping them, pick the best color combination for your Mat.
Now you need to sew the braids. For this put two braids next to on a flat surface and trim the ends. Start from the edge of the product approximately 9 cm long needle with double thread ssuite braids, alternately passing a stitch through the edge of one, then the other over the edge. Do not tighten the thread too hard and be careful that the stitches were not visible on the front side of your product. When to the ends of the braids will be approximately 9 cm, take a few extra stitches, securing the end of seam. Stitch thus procured all of the spit.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Select a red woolen fabric and cut it into strips. Ready strip sew so: three of the width of the rug should equal the length of one strip. The long edges of the strips sew together, so she had the form of a tube.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Alternating braids in a checkerboard pattern, pass through a pipe of red fabric. At the opposite end of the pad secure it with a few stitches, avoiding tightening the thread. Again twisting the tube with pigtails, go back to the edge of the Mat.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Before you finally secure the end of the tube of red fabric, make sure the ends of the braids straightened. After the tube is sewn to the edge of the Mat, trim the tip and tuck the remainder under the edge of the carpet. Similarly, treat the opposite edge of the product.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>
Place the Mat wrong side up. Lock pins lining, with tucked edge of the material on 2-2,5 see Turning the Mat, check to see whether the lining for its edges. If everything is in order, begin to sew the lining to the wrong side of the Mat perpendicular to the braids. Make five parallel lines, alternating long stitches with small outer. Complete fabrication of the Mat, securing stitches lining the perimeter of the product.
How to make <strong>carpet</strong> your <b>hands</b>

Advice 3 : How to update an old sofa

You bought a solid good quality sofa for so little money, but after a few years he lost his presentable? Not in a hurry to get rid of it, maybe a few simple actions will return the sofa to its place in your living room.
How to update an old sofa
You will need
  • Upholstery fabric is of two types;
  • - Sewing machine;
  • - Gasket.
For a start get a wrench on all the joints and tighten the bolts. At the same time see if not cracked the wooden frame of the sofa, well, if everything is in order, but if you notice a crack, it is better to invite the master of the restoration workshop.
Let's see how things are going with the gasket of the sofa, isn't it time to change it. In this case, do not select a foam - after a couple years he again begins to crumble, and history will repeat itself! It is better to buy latex or polyurethane foam - they are great to keep elasticity for many years and do not cause allergies.
If you change the gasket, check the springs of the sofa, and replace worn out. Let's see how well the batting protects the gasket from damage by springs to correct the situation if required.
Gently spread the stuffing, so she went without dents and bumps, but in this case you can return the sofa elasticity and get rid of failed towns.
The appearance of sofa, you quickly upgrade with dressy capes, which is very simple and quick to make at home. Pick two fabrics that they harmonize with each other. You can often find fabrics-companions - one fabric without a pattern solid with a rich texture, and the second has the elements in the pattern of the same color as the first fabric.
Measure your sofa, given that Cape will be free to fall to the floor and repeat all the details back and armrests.
Rectangle from one fabric, cut according to your size, fold from all sides and prostrochite. It turned out a large blanket that you cover the sofa, as in the previous figure.
Sew the top piece of fabric with a pattern - length from the bottom front of the sofa to the bottom rear of the backrest, with a width equal to the width of the sofa. On the sides mark where you sew the side of the capes, so they covered the armrests of the sofa and hung limply to the floor.
Sew the edges in the marked spot and cover the lower Cape upper. Directly on site or in advance noting the places tab beautiful ties, to hold the upper cushion in place. Ties can be made from the first or second fabric, you can use matching colored ribbon or decorative twisted cords with tassels.
Sew from the cloth a pair of decorative pillows, sew them tassels in the corners. Put the pillows on the Cape, you quickly updated your couch!
Useful advice
If so you'll make another set of robes from a different cloth, you'll be able to update the interior.

Advice 4 : Make rugs out of old things

Often in cabinets or pantries come across things that throw a pity, but its use has not yet been found. Make them from designer rugs. It can be fluffy product from small pieces, or knitted knitwear.
Make rugs out of old things

Fluffy rug

The product is suitable even for very worn-out things. Pureed part of the throw, and the whole cut into strips of width 2 and length 10 cm Then can be secured to the burlap or mesh construction.

For the first method you need a piece of burlap that size, what you want to Mat. Fold the edges of the burlap on the wrong side, secure with the flaps in the following manner. Start from the corner, with a hook or tweezers, thread the tip of the flap from the front into the hole between the weave of the burlap. Route it through the wrong side, pull from the front, at a distance of 1 cm from the first tip. Tie these strips with a single knot.

Close to the flap attach the following. Don't forget to wrap the edges of the burlap on the wrong side. When you cover the entire surface of such strips, so the Mat of old things ready.

For the second method of registration, you will need the mesh construction. It is sold in construction shops, markets. Cells it even more than the burlap, so thread will be easier, and the mesh holds its shape better. Make it all the same pieces and you can admire the beautiful finished rug made out of old things.

Needlework knit

If you have unwanted knitted things, they would make an amazing rug. Take the first on the principle of braiding, tie a second great hook.

The principle of the preparation of the threads for both products are the same. You can use a t-shirt. Place it on a Desk, start to cut long strip from the bottom, departing from 1.5 cm across, cut the entire shirt. If one strip did not work, proceed to cut the ribbon, twisting a tangle of them, sew them or tie the ends.

In the same way cut knitted thing of a different color. If there is a third, and will receive her thread as well. Now you need to weave in and out of the three balls scythe and spun it in a separate tangle. When you have done this, start to sew the Mat with its Central part.

Fold the 3 strands of the cables, their length equal to the length of the future rug. Connect these 3 stripes zigzag stitch. Further, the folding "tail" of the spiral, connect them all, prestativa to each other zigzag. Designer rug is ready.

The second item is created even simpler. Once you cut a strip, making it a coil, use a large hook. Dial on it 5 loops, connect the fifth with the first and knit the Mat in a circle. If there is a thread of a different color, weaves them, then get a beautiful colorful rug.
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