To begin with, of course, the carpet will have to be thoroughly cleaned. Even better is to refer to specialized cleaning in the old pile can accumulate not only dust and dirt but also to settle the parasites to be gotten rid of, if you plan to use the carpet in the house.

Simple solutions

If the carpet is not too thick and in good condition, you can use it as a covering for a sofa or bed. However, to take care of such a coating is quite difficult.

The easiest way, of course, cut the old carpet into several smaller mats that can be laid in the hallway, in the bath, in the toilet or on the balcony. To not crumble the edge, you need to bind them with braid or tie the hook. These mats will not wish to throw out the extent of pollution, and to spend money on new not have a long time - they will get you nothing!

If the carpet is too old and worn, you will not wish to cut it and lay... in the country between the beds to work in the garden becomes easier, the mud and clay will not stick on the shoes, and the water will no longer stand in the aisles.

A little imagination

You can lay the old carpet on the floor and, after giving it a new form. For example, it will be interesting to look a figure of skin of an animal, carved out of the carpet. Edge of bleed, of course, also be processed.

You can update an old stool. To do this, cut out of the carpet circles or squares in the form of sensors, to process the edges on the wrong side of the sew foam. These seats can attach to stools with rubber bands. Will sit gently, and in the interior there are new and interesting detail.
The places with obvious defects, you can close bright knitted applique.

You can cut the old carpet, and its details bonding with knitted elements. This Mat will be much easier to fold and store. It is convenient to take along on a nature, to the country, to use for games in the nursery.

Will be carpet and Pets. They can do as a simple Mat, using parts cut from old carpet, and upholstery for cat house, for example.

If the carpet is durable and soft, you can make him comfortable Slippers or even if you want to update your shoes "out". But the last option is the destiny of great lovers of extravagant outfits.

Use in construction

Old carpet can be used in the construction and repair work, for example, as insulation or as a sound insulating material.
In this case, the carpet can not be cleaned, and as it can be anything.

The carpet is fixed on the wall, and the second layer is a decorative panel of plasterboard or other material. Carpet, especially shag, absorbs sound, which is especially important in modern apartments.