Components of success

Before you begin growing mushrooms you need to keep in mind that mushrooms – difficult in cultivating a culture that requires strict observance of technology of cultivation and composition of the soil mix. Otherwise, the effort will not be justified. Mushrooms can be grown both outdoors and indoors. In this case, the mushroom grower gets the opportunity to remove crops all year round.

Summer for growing mushrooms, you can use cold barns, basements, shaded greenhouses. Requirements of agricultural machinery require to maintain room temperatures of 14-25C, humidity should be within 60-90%. For year-round cultivation of mushrooms usually use insulated basements with forced ventilation and controlled temperature and humidity. It is important to remember that mushrooms do not tolerate drafts. For optimal use of the useful area of mushrooms grown in boxes on special racks. This is possible due to the fact that when grown they do not require daylight – mushrooms grow well in the dark, while their qualitative characteristics do not suffer, and the appearance of only wins.

How to prepare the substrate

The traditional material for making compost for mushrooms is horse manure mixed with straw. However, this material can be substituted with compost, made from manure of cattle, pigs or birds, also mixed with the straw. Regardless of the quality of the source material (manure), technology of preparation of mushroom substrate will be the following:

The substrate to be maximally nutritious and gave a good growth of mushrooms, to mix the manure and wheat straw provided by technology proportions. To prepare the substrate will need 100 kg of chopped straw, 50 kg of cow dung. The straw is moistened with water, add urea at the rate of 2.5 kg ha 100 kg straw, chicken manure 40 kg, 3 kg of gypsum, 300 g of superphosphate and 300 l of water. The mixture should be well mixed and leave for 13-14 days. You can use water instead of liquid runoff from cattle farms. In this case, it is possible to dispense fertilizers.

The maturation process of the substrate lasts for 2 weeks, during this time, you need 3-4 times to turn over it (this is called thrashing) while pouring water to the ripening process of the compost was better. After the compost temperature began to decline, and the smell of ammonia has disappeared, it is ready for filling with mycelium. To prevent the growth of weed fungi and infections, the substrate is preferably sterilized. Then the finished compost to fill the boxes, peresypaya mycelium in accordance with the regulations and are placed on the shelves. From this point you need to ventilate the room. After 3-4 days the crops should be lightly covered with earth. The first mushrooms will appear in 17-21 day.