The main objective pursued by the hardening of the child, concerns the normalization of thermoregulation. That is, the baby is accustomed to temperature changes, responds to mild hypothermia, not falling sick. It is obvious that to three years on the use of solar and air baths known to almost every parent. It remains to determine just how to carry out water treatment. You should start with wet wiping. For this, take a towel, wetted in warm water are pressed. Them wiping arms, legs and back child support. Wipe after this procedure, the baby should not be. Usually wiping with a damp towel is recommended for newborns, but if the child is too painful, even 3 years is not too late to try this method of hardening. Gradually the temperature decreases down to room. If the child normally carries wiping, you can go to the douches.
Start pouring from the hands and feet with water, a few degrees cooler that is designed for swimming. Gradually, the water temperature decreases, reaching room, but this is only possible if the child normally takes the procedure of pouring. It has to be understood adequately, and not be accompanied by daily scandals, since the nervous system has almost the dominant effects on the immune system.
Among the intricacies of how to temper the child is 3 years old, is the start time and the regularity of the process. To deal with hardening only in the case when the baby is completely healthy. Even the simplest common cold as a result of such water treatment can develop into more serious disease. If the kid has a chronic disease, it is best to consult about hardening with the attending pediatrician from birth. We should not expect an instantaneous result from douches, with a gradual decreasing of temperatures and the addictive baby to expect any effects on the immune system earlier than in a month, just doesn't make sense.