The simple truth is cow's milk may be suitable not for everyone. Modern scientists are actively engaged in the study of its useful properties, so we were able to establish that the product adversely affects those people who suffer from diabetes type 1. Numerous experiments show that an adult receives almost no benefit from drinking milk.

Currently, there are alternative options which you can use to replace the usual cow's milk. To obtain the almond milk should take some peanuts and fill them with boiled water, but it should not be too hot. Leave for a few hours and after this time it will be possible to drain the fluid. Now the nuts should blend it with a blender, it is recommended to add water in the ratio 1:3. Product appearance will be very similar to milk. In this mix there is a lot of phosphorus, calcium, potassium and manganese.

Another alternative is goat's milk, which is considered to be most useful when individual intolerance of lactose. If we compare the nutritional components and benefits to humans, such milk is superior to cow's. Goat milk is suitable for use not only for adults but also for children. The only drawback is associated with the presence of specific salty taste, which is not all to their liking.

In recent years, many people began to prefer soy products, especially vegetarians and those who follow a healthy diet. Soy milk contains large amounts of protein and most essential amino acids. In addition, the product features vitamin B12 and calcium. Such milk is capable of binding in a short period of time. Moreover, now the scientists were able to prove that regular consumption of small doses of soy may protect against the development of cancer.

To obtain rice milk use a special kind of cereals. After regular consumption of the product begins to decline the level of blood sugar and cholesterol. Of course, rice milk can not be called a fat source, but it is rich in vitamins and calcium.