For any berry jam before cooking, thoroughly rinse, sort and stalks. For this recipe of strawberry jam sugar it is necessary to take 1.5 times more than the berries. The wide bottom of the enameled copper dishes or pour a layer of sugar, then place a layer of strawberries. Alternate layers so that the sugar was the top. Cover the dishes with gauze and leave for a few hours to drain juice. Put the pot with berries on a low heat and bring to the boil, shaking occasionally. At this stage, jam rich head. Collect the foam with a wooden spoon in a separate bowl - it is quite possible to serve tea as a standalone treat. After the jam has boiled, remove the cookware from the heat and leave to cool, covering with gauze. Repeat the procedure several times. To test whether jam is ready, pour the syrup into a porcelain platter. If the drop does not spread, then jam it's time to lay out the banks. This jam is not necessary to roll under the covers - well cooked berry continues. The berries are tight as a marmalade. Cut out wax paper circles the size of the neck of the jars, soak them in alcohol and place on top of jam. Banks can be closed by plastic covers.

Another popular recipe of the workpiece strawberry - jam. Pour the berries in layers with sugar and when it will give juice and bring to a boil on medium heat. The jam should boil no longer than 5 minutes and then poured into hot sterilized jars and roll up tightly under the covers. This jam is a more gentle and fluid than in the first recipe, but it has its fans.

Third recipe of strawberry jam allows you to preserve the original freshness and aroma of berries. In clean sterilized jars with a capacity of 0.65-0.75 l lay in layers of sugar and strawberries to sugar was the first and last layer (of sugar you will need 2 times more berries), cover with lids. At the bottom of a wide pot, lay a thick cloth and put it on banks. Fill the water cans and a coat hanger to light a fire under the pot. After boiling, sterilize cans for 25 minutes, then remove from the fire, without moving the lids, and roll up.