There is always a chance, but this is unlikely, as our body gets a lot of "stress" and starts the rest of the food to accumulate "extra values" and not as it should be - to recycle into energy. Therefore, if there is enough already in the habit and you see on the scales is consistently the same number, then diet counting calories is exactly what you need.

First we need to calculate the daily intake of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates. All this is very individual and comes from our body parameters. When the exact figure is obtained, it is necessary to start to seek it. The first step is one day even to eat as they were used for all diets. Should without any errors to calculate the exact calorie intake and ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the day. For this we need to weigh and record the consumption of each product, whether it is fruit or a cake, and later to calculate its caloric value with the help of special programs.

Now begin to build on what happened. To the final number of calories every day necessary to add 50. For example, the first day was used for food by 600 calories. Now on the second day, the goal is 650 calories. To reach a precise figure for the day, you need to paint the entire daily ration in advance. It is impossible to come out like this: in the morning, overeat, and in the afternoon starving. We must remember the Golden rule: eat every 2-3 hours in small portions. Such steps are repeated as long as the caloric value of food eaten per day will not reach the necessary daily intake. It may seem strange that food is eaten 1600 calories, and the weight continues to go. Actually, the way it should be. The body itself knows what numbers he will be comfortable.

And yet, we should not forget about physical activity and healthy sleep. All this plays a huge role in conjunction with balanced and healthy diet.