Different norm

So, if the rate of calories per day for women is 3000 calories, for men up to 3200. How many calories to lose weight? Experts estimate that weight loss is not need to reduce your daily calorie intake to a thousand calories a day. In this figure it is possible to stack three full meals and you can even treat yourself to a little piece of chocolate or ice cream. However, there desserts are best in the morning, to the day the body time to process and consume sweet.
Low calorie Breakfast

How many calories a day we are going to eat for Breakfast? Very few, if we cook a dish of cereal or porridge. Cereals contain slow carbohydrates, which a few hours will provide you with energy and you will not feel hunger. You can also cook for Breakfast oatmeal, buckwheat or a mixture of four cereals. Note that it is best to cook porridge in milk, and on the water, because the cooking process breaks down milk protein, and the benefits of this is no.
A delicious lunch

How many calories for lunch? Remember that one time a day must be hearty and fulfilling. At lunch you can eat soup and the second, a let it be meat or fish with some garnish. In the afternoon, be sure to obtain the feeling of satiety and the feeling that you really ate well. If too carried away diet and you eat less than 70 grams of carbs a day, it will end badly – fainting, nervous breakdowns and excessive fatigue.
To eat or not eat after six?

Some nutritionists strongly recommend not to eat after six PM. They explain this by the fact that from six to nine o'clock in the evening of the body's ability to break down food and to spend the incoming fats are significantly reduced. Therefore it is best to not eat after seven in the evening, however, if you later come home, then eat one last time for the day you need three hours before bedtime.
What to eat for dinner?

Dinner is best meal, containing carbohydrates, for example, it may be vegetable salad. Salad maybe with chicken or seafood, most importantly, to any of the protein products was not too greasy. Enjoy food, chew it, and in any case do not starve!